Riley is Epic

No, not my little brother!
Riley is one of those amazing, python-loving friends that I brag about too much
Today she showed me this and I begged her to let me scan it and post it here; and being the horribly nice person she is she said it was fine

I love how Terry is thinking "bottom" while Eric is nudging, tis so cute I wanna hug them all.

And before you ask, yes, she is thinking about joining pythonline...

Please note my picture doesn't do this justice, my scanner broke so I had to use my camera. Also it's cut off but it's dated 2009. It also says at the bottom "Class Photograph '69".

Man I love this :D

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Mr Nudge: Oh thanks Katie for posting this! Thanks for all the loverly comments people ^^
Erics my favorite in this picture lol



So's your wife a--uh....a "goer"??? Eh??

CamelSpotter at 1:11 am March 14

Welcome to PythOnline. You've already made a wonderful first impression without even being here!

Videor Quaero Punctume

Mr Nudge at 12:15 pm March 16

xD Oh my gosh, thanks a mill! I'm glad everyone enjoys my drawing of joy. It took a little while to do Michael. All his cuteness could not be contained in a few pencil strokes! Thanks for enjoying it :)

("I feel happppyyyy!")

"...And I'd like to conclude by puttin' my finger up mah nose!"

pythonnewbie: This is soooo adorable!=) Wow,your friend can draw really well!!!I love little Ewic^^just wanna give him a hug!^^

CamelSpotter: She is an incredible artist, too. Terry's eyes are wonderful. I'm also rather fond of Eric's hair and Michael's hands.

Riley? Hello? Please come join PythOnline!

Videor Quaero Punctume

Lemming_Of_The_BDA: click original for bigger view.

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