The nudies

The boys gone NUDE! Only John is missing...

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MilaofNsk: WOW!!!! Looking good ;)

WackyQueen: Nice pieces of ass there. They could have jobs on the side as servants. And i sure would like them to serve me on their ass. HAHA!
nooo... im ashamed of myself right now

arkennedy: It's a screen shot from "A Fish Called Wanda".

It was taken a few years later that the pic you posted and it's in color not black and white but I hope that's okay.

Jatta at 2:48 pm March 14

I love it :D
I'll just go and have a cold bath with all my rubberduckies...

Anything goes...

Lady April at 2:45 pm March 14

OMFG!!! I love his bod! DAM! John's bod dood! Wow..... *sigh*


caroliinee at 3:14 pm March 14


Wheres the fetus going to gestate? You going to keep it in a box?!

Lady April: I just adore how his finger is sticking down :P


AZelck: Imagine being Eric...unless he feels comfortable naked with gay men. Just a thought not trying to be offensive.

Lady April at 7:20 pm March 13

Gay MAN or Gay MEN? Yes he has a Gay MAN behind him. Thats one gay man I wouldn't mind being behind me all in the nekkid!!!


kisch at 3:09 pm March 13

why people assume that gay male will be ready to fuck any other man at any time ! Maybe it's becaus people who assume that are ready to fuck anyone anytime...
I mean, I know a lot of men, but it doesn't mean I want to fuck each and every one of them. Even if I am happen for some reason to be nekkid with them in the same room.
See what I mean ?

Why the fuck shouldn't anyone feel comfortable nekkid with gay person ? Moreover, your friend and co-writer ?

I know I talk too much about Michael Palin...

the_thina at 12:01 pm June 19

I agree with you, and I can tell you, its the same thing with girls. when words get around that Im a lesbian there has been straight girls that was perfectly nice to me before that starts acting like they are afraid of me. just because your a homosexual some pepole just assume that your a over-sexual freak that is ready to rape everyone of the same sex. I HATE that!

BroMaynardG at 4:24 pm June 19

You are a sharp and witty person and besides the Pythons, we share a common interest (LOL).


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the_thina at 4:55 am June 22

thank you! and a life in the closet is just a big lie. I could not live that way, and I rather have ignorant pepole hating me for what I am than living a lie to keep those bastards happy.

Timmy at 8:44 pm March 14

I was going to ask that poster if his dog was nervous around him.

Right, let's have a ding dong!

kermit at 11:38 pm March 13

You said what I was trying to put together in words myself. I was gonna use more fuck words though. :)


I'm real slow sometimes

Jatta at 10:07 am March 14

Even thinking of using such foul language in front of ladies :D

Anything goes...

Lady April at 2:27 pm March 14

Fuck fuckity fuck fuck shit fuck goddam fucking shit!

Whatever :P


Jatta at 2:30 pm March 14

You speak great words of wisdom :D

Anything goes...

Lady April at 2:34 pm March 14

'Grasshopper' to you oh young one :P


Jatta at 2:47 pm March 14


Anything goes...

LucythatiscalledLucy: To whom that asked, it was for Vogue magazine as a parody of sexy naked centrefolds.
Eric's face is funny here hehehe now do excuse me while I stare at michael!

BroMaynardG: Number 18, very rare!

Myn and myn alone!

MattInTheWallet: Yep.. I found the other one...
Whatever, this IS a great pic... Wonder who has taken it..
I would like to be the photographer who took this.. ;)

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and the Irish all the potatoes?

christinah3000: even if it is posted a million times here.. it is just "yummy" and gorgeous!

RSMBiggles: Hmm Seen this one on the lists before :)

Please look through the galleries and posts, before posting photos...
we try to avoid double or tripple postings ;)

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MattInTheWallet at 8:59 am September 29

I don't have time or enthusiasm for chearching every single picture in image gallery. If you show where is your Déja-vu first pic I could take this away, if it's so shoking. I had to put something 'cause I hate uneven numbers so had to load 2 pics. This was the only one that I thought could be great in here.

gna42 at 10:32 am October 15

I'll be happy to delete your posts.

Please post responsibly...

(this is a public service announcement...)

Thank you!


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Hanri at 9:07 am September 29

that we've had a bit problems of "overloading" the site with the same pics over and over again.. Since you're a new member, it's a good reminder - even for the rest of us! - saying this. Takes off the unnecessary work from gna42.

* * *

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gna42 at 10:34 am October 15

And Biggles of course.

I'm going to do some winter cleaning soon, if anyone sees multiples, please PM me the URL and I'll clean them up.



"Some things in life are bad, they can really make you mad..." and... "always look on the Bright Side of Life..."

RSMBiggles at 9:05 am September 29

no need to take it away, and please, never feel like you can't post what you like, its just there are a few images that keep getting reposted to the lists :).

I remain
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BroMaynardG at 4:43 am October 15

- - - trying to get you to look at what's already here.

Go into past posts, see what's OLDE.

I commonly do the Cloud Tag search to see what I can dig up and put a new slant on!

Normally, I put a clue like (RePosted) to let you know its a golden oldie groaner!