Regimental Insignia of the Python Army-Worcester Whore's Artillery

Formed due to a communications error caused by a hard of hearing war department clerk. This regiment has earned distinction not only to their unfailing agressive accuracy but with their overall willingness to please.
Motto "THORAX CANONUS QUOD BONUS VICUS" (Corsetts, Canons and good times)

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crunchiefrog: I say RSM, great show, to see the army is finally pulling down the veil and showing what they are really about, what. I heard this regiment is famous for attacking in the rear, sounds more like the royal navy, but to each his own. Where do I sign up?

CrunchyFrog, brig, Mrs

scottp: Love this one!! funny stuff,, Please add me into the canon squad please!! my kind of sport

BroMaynardG at 3:04 pm December 02

You should speak with our loyal Inquisitors about having you canonized by The Bishop.