The Jury

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ladycaviar: She looks so uncomfortable, as if they have forced her to pose at gunpoint, and are threatening those she loves as they take the photo, poor angel...

RGHunt57 at 12:10 pm December 19

...notice that everyone - even Little Miss Discomfort - has only one hand visible....

gna42 at 1:11 pm December 19

mention that you and RSMBiggles apparently have your minds in the same gutter?

Move over...

RGHunt57 at 1:16 pm December 19

That way it stays close to my head.

RSMBiggles at 1:23 pm December 19

your blocking the flow of sewage

Raincloudmusic at 5:09 pm December 19

(...still giggling @ sewage comment!)


gna42 at 9:44 pm December 18

exemplar dentistry!

ladycaviar at 9:50 pm December 18

perhaps I am just jealous of their perfect Swedish teeth. Flaunting their perfect Swedish teeth....

Didja notice all the Ladies had perfect teeth too? Daaaaaaaamn.

BroMaynardG at 10:45 am December 19

Well, I do have to admit that they ALL have ENORMOUS Dental Appendages.

However, that qualifies them for any pre-Brian role in Imperial Rome - from Julius Caesar right through to Vethpathian.!

I mean, "The Lady of the Lake"! That is a role out of the Middle Ages. What does teeth have to do with Arthur, the Knights who up until recently said "NI", or Tim (well,I do admit it has to do with the rabbit, and and and the moose (but apart from veterinarial or vinicultural influences upon the The Quest for the Holy Grail, what part do teeth play?)?

These were people with agrarian interests. At least by the time of The Norman Conquest the rural framework was complete (R-U-R-A-L F-R-A-M-E-W-O-R-K W-A-A-S C-O-M-P-L-E-T-E).

Professor Angus Jones "A Talk on the Open-Field Farming System", put it this way: "One of the main elements in any assessment of the medieval open-field farming system is the availability of plough teams for the winter plowing. There's evidence - There's evidence of settlements with one long village street,
Farmsteads, hamlets, little towns -
the framework was complete".

This was all dependent upon the availability of vast, I mean 'uge tracts of land!

For more info please consult the Book of Agrarian History (sung by The Ronettes).

Therefore the role of the Lady should belong to the girl with the biggest - - - - -

Appendages! Right On!

Dental or Mammary, that IS the question! (to paraphrase Hamlet, Spam, and Eggs).

Which brings us 'round to the influence of the Vikings upon Sweden (or at least to the influence of the Vikings upon Swedes of the female persuasion). Any goers? KWIM? SNM!

gna42 at 9:54 pm December 18

smiles, there'd be a split decision !

RSMBiggles at 10:01 am December 19

where those to gentlemen have their other hands....

Raincloudmusic at 5:12 pm December 19