a gift for the members

that's also to celebrate my 3rd month in here!!!

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MontyPython93: Thanks! <3

TheSister91 at 2:23 am July 24

"Consider... consider the lily"

christinah3000: for making this :)

TheSister91 at 9:24 am July 23

for you kindness!!

"Consider... consider the lily"

CamelSpotter: It's really difficult to believe you've only been here three months! Great collage. I think my favorite photo is the fourth one in Graham's row.

Videor Quaero Punctume

TheSister91 at 1:26 am July 23

believe it or not, I'm still here!!! 3 months paassed very quickly...
btw thanks!! (that pic of Graham is nice, I have to admit it! lol)

"Consider... consider the lily"

arkennedy: Gilliam images would've been nice but it's still a very good collage.
Thanks for posting it :)

I especially like the second photo of Terry Jones.

No spam please. Graham doesn't like spam.

TheSister91 at 3:12 am July 22

I promise to you too that next time there'll be Gilliam with the others!!
thanks again!
ps. I like me too the 2nd pic of Jonesy from the Science Fiction Sketch!! lol

"Consider... consider the lily"

mrstimmywilliams: Aw, that is SO lovely! :D

TheSister91 at 3:13 am July 22

"Consider... consider the lily"

the_thina: nice work....
...but WHERE is gilliam?? :O

TheSister91 at 8:43 am July 21

errr... I think... I lost him!! I can't find him anywhere... no, really... I'm sorry for his absence but he was beyond the camera!!!

btw thanks and... I'm glad you've joined us!
"Consider... consider the lily"

the_thina at 8:44 am July 21

damn that man always hiding from us! :(

TheSister91 at 8:48 am July 21

I promise you that for my next collage/puzzle I'll pick him up from an ear and put him among the others, ok?

"Consider... consider the lily"

the_thina at 8:51 am July 21

yeah you do that. hes been a naughty boy for 40 years now, always hiding, enough is enough! ^^

TheSister91 at 9:10 am July 21

not really naughty as much as Brian!! lol

"Consider... consider the lily"

Leapy Lee: Oh, this is sooo cute ^^
Nice pictures you've selected! I think I'll be smiling for hours after seeing this :)
Thank you!

Tax all people who stands in water !

TheSister91 at 8:32 am July 21

thank you very much... and.. did I already say "welcome"??

"Consider... consider the lily"

flopsy_mrs: verry nice indeed
gr iris it bloody repeets

TheSister91 at 8:15 am July 21

and my sincere welcome to this site!!!

"Consider... consider the lily"