Chapman's collage1

To celebrate the end of the school year (YAY) here's a Graham's Collage for all students, teachers and already graduated/degreeded on PythOnline!

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TheSister91: thank you all!! :)

"Consider... consider the lily"

Jatta: Nice work, Vale. You have some great pics here :)

Anything goes...

MontyPython93: Wonderful XD

arkennedy: Thanks for sharing them. In fact there are a few I haven't seen before.

No spam please. Graham doesn't like spam.

BroMaynardG at 8:06 pm June 12

- - - I thought I'd share my summer theme from my younger days.

Here's Alice!

School's Out!

Go Away Spammers | We Have All The Spam We Can Eat | Don’t Try Selling Us Any Goat-Hair Beards

kermit at 1:35 am June 13

Good call Bro!


Pythonline Spammers should shampoo my crotch

BroMaynardG at 10:52 am June 14

If I were a gladiator, I'd want you at my back! (Beware Braveheart!)

(It's a guy thing. It's in our jeans.)

Speaking of witch- - - WHERE's A WITCH? (No t'other kind)

Good summer reading for the reading un-impaired. Carl Sagan "The Dragons of Eden" or even "Broca's Brain". His style is very understandable. It explains a lot, and also it leaves room for a mental argument ('e's decomposing, y'a'now).

Eden talks about the pre-wired differences between men and women (Watson and Crick Shit - DNA for Jeanna). (Beware, the first chapter is PURE CRANIAL BIOLOGY, [billions and billions of facts] then it gets interesting.) The wife will NOT "go" there, although she read insenslessly!

Basically, like PCs and Mac's, Male and Female brains (Yes, Harni, you have one) are wired differently to take care of the different roles of a more primitive society. Hunter-Gathering vs. Nurturing. (I being an H-G). The Brain is more about where in one's brain different functions reside. Broca was a miner (no Scott, not a 49'r). He was in a quarry, packing TNT into a freshly drilled hole. It exploded and the steel rod was blown thru his brain. It is a biological examination of what parts of the Brian do what (LOL)

But seriously, both books explain the intersexual (I just made that word up) fights and dilemnas that may occur in relationships.

And with all thy getting, get thee understanding! (The Wiz of Solomon).

Summer's just a few away!

Carl (Billions and Billions of Stars) Sagan . May He RIP.


Go Away Spammers | We Have All The Spam We Can Eat | Don’t Try Selling Us Any Goat-Hair Beards