The life of Brian is Desperate!!

I don't know if this has been already done... I find it hilarious and I just can't stop laughing!!! LOL

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PalinsPrincess19: those are the ugliest housewives i've ever seen!

TheSister91 at 5:13 am August 19

thanks, I take it as a compliment!!! lol It took a lot of time to make them so ugly, you know!!

"Consider... consider the lily"

MontyPython93: Hilarious xDxDxD

Leapy Lee: The last time I laughed this way I died!
My jaw hurts!

Tax all people who stands in water !

TheSister91 at 1:38 pm July 21

I did the same thing when I saw it after posting that!!!!

"Consider... consider the lily"