Baptist Hand Grendae

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scottp: say no more...:o)

Lemming_Of_The_BDA: but I can't help but feel proud for being born in Riverside.
EDIT- the city not the church

I brush my teeth everyday.
"Know what I mean? Wink wink. Nudge nudge. Say no more! Say no more!"

CamelSpotter: I hate to say this, but unfortunately that sign is not real. It came from However, I mention this because I think people could have great fun making their own signs. Here's a quick one I just did, for example.

BroMaynardG: Aren't Jew Roman - I'm not quite sure.

The Aqueducts!

kermit at 10:49 am December 15

I was raised Baptist, and I have to say that is about the coolest thing I have ever seen to come out of a Baptist church!