I love this sketch!
And Michael saiying: BOX!

"This new Box!..."

And he said in bad french: "petit packet" and "güat".
It makes me laugh a lot!!!!

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The Ex-Leper: I love this sketch but I am not going to lie it kind of gets on my nerves a little because it drags on for so long it's like the Johann Gambolputty... you ahve t olove the brilliance but GOOD LORD! I haven't the patience sometimes!!! XD

Lvndr HppE: See, now that's what I love about Monty Python humour. Sometimes, it just takes a silly thing like saying "box" in a silly way to make a person laugh.

MontyMaria: Box! :D


Excellent image!

sit-on-my-face: French Canadian, actually... "quebecor" if that's a word XD

sit-on-my-face: And love british boys speaking in french!!!!

sit-on-my-face: Since I'm french.

sit-on-my-face: the "petit paquet" gives me an orgasm.

Paute at 1:51 pm January 29

Yes!!! it´s the best quote!!!