2 newly uploaded python-docus

the tv-version of almost the truth (but thats a bit scratchy, and a docu about holy grail.
go to http://www.youtube.com/user/kyrastube#p/c/03EB0477B48F89C8 and click on the playlist "python-related stuff" and there they are.
uploaded them just for you guys, so will be happy if you rate and coment on them. :)

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thewastelandr: Is that Carol in the hat?

the_thina at 11:08 am June 20

yes, I think so. but hard to tell from just the nose-tip. haha. could be connie, or whoever john was married to at the time, or a completely "innocent" woman too, but I think its carol. :P

thewastelandr at 9:43 am June 21

It "looks" like Carol - posture and such, but was just wondering if there are more photos from this event.

the_thina at 10:01 am June 21

hmmm, not even sure when it was taken. I have seen one other though, but that one was a closeup of jones eric and neil I think.
but for some reason Im not sure of I think this might have been taken when they went to america for holy grail, and Im pretty sure carol wentwith them then...
like this pic I think was taken then too.

thewastelandr: Terry looks so sexy in that photo!