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Life of Brian and assorted sketches~ Knock yourselves out! (with 2 Gumby bricks)

Although, in retrospect, the 3 Wise Men's caption should be "Creeping around at 2 in the morning."

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kissmyarrrtichoke: This is great XD

Paute: Hahhaha is a good idea!. Maybe I make one.

the_thina: I have used the one with pitures. :) do more! please! :D

A. Lupin at 4:51 pm July 21

Glad you could make use of it! ^^ I'm working on a Holy Grail one

MontyPython93: Awesome! xD

thewastelandr: HAHA I love it!

mrsCutout: Hahahaha this is amazing !!

A. Lupin at 2:41 pm July 16

thanks guys ^-^