21 Years ago today

I bet you all know what today is:(
Today is a sad day in PythonLand, 21 years ago we lost our Beloved Graham to cancer :(
And, In Honor, Share your favorite pic of Graham or favorite moment in Python with him in it.


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Mrs Attila the Hun 93:

Miss you Gray :')

clockworkgirl21: Sort of off topic, but I just realized something. My sister was born on Graham's birthday, and my brother was born on his deathday. I have to go reflect on this.

Lvndr HppE at 8:46 am October 05

Graham died on my brother's 12th birthday.


It's hard to choose a favorite pic of Graham but this is one of my favorites. As for my favorite Graham moment, it would be anytime he played the Colonel. Especially when he said "Stop that! Stop that! That's silly."

Here Comes Another One:
Here Comes Another One at 4:18 am October 04

Argh! well I was trying to embed a video. Didn't work obviously so here's a link.


I put this pic on fb too.You'e missed Graham we love you!!!!!*snif*

Colonel Daughter: *cries*

Here Comes Another One:

Ohhh ... so sad!



mrsCutout at 4:15 am October 04

Hahaha oh my it's my fav too! You beat me!

Lvndr HppE: We miss you, Graham!