After being absent for ages, I have returned

I haven't been active in over a year or two and just wanted to let you know all is well. I just realized that I've been a member for almost 5 years too...I am trying to get one of my friends into monty python (I don't think he's ever head of them before either).

So yeah.....

I will try to be more active now. I used to be on here all the time.

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Hanri: Hiya fella! :D Seems like absence is in the air, but luckily so are returns.

I had an idea how to spice up things here. I just need some more brains to storm (since I'm a zombie?). How about we start a weekly Python night thingy? We could figure out a schedule, when everybody would attempt to watch a certain episode of Flying Circus some day during that week and we could discuss on the forum what we've watched (just like it was on tv last night oh I thought it was funny when did you see that notice how he did that thing it was hilarious can't wait next week this was my fave episode ever that sketch was the best etc.)

That way everybody no matter what country they live could share the experience of the whole series (and why not movies in the end). And if someone is away for a week or two, they could just catch up in their own way, either by skipping an episode or watching them in a row (just like if someone recorded the missed episodes for you whlie you were away).

Should there be a movie there every month we go on, or should we go in chronological order, and how far (I don't think everyone has At Last The 1948 Show or DNAYS on dvd, and should the movies be extended to Gilliam's latest films and Cleese's and Idle's stuff, what series do we continue after FC, maybe Palin's travel series, Jonesy's docs...we gotta have Yellowbeard in there).

Suggestions, comments, ideas, are you guys with me?

ps. If peole want to skip some parts that's ok, since everyone can't get their hand on certain series and movies for various reasons, but it might be also a fun excuse to get the dvd's or blurays by the time it is to watch them so one can join the fun. :)