... and how about a Python Museum?

... a Museum can be cultural and very, very funny!
And if a Python Museum existed, what did you wanted it to have inside?
- Posters
- Movie sessions
- Toys
- CD's
- Chocolate

... or chocolate Python figures... natural size.. ;0)
.............Oh, sweet Carol...

3 votes
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mrsCutout at 2:45 pm November 21

Ssssslluuuuurrruuuppp!!!!!!!!! ok you ll get me dreaming for days!!!!!!!! my 2 loves together...a dream coming true!!!!!1

TheSister91 at 5:57 am November 28


the_thina: very very good idea! after 40 years of making us buggers laugh they deserve it. (or in my case, 20 years, wasent born in 69)
inside I would want to see pictures, a life-size gumby-doll... you know like those you see in chlotes-shops windows, dont know the engish word for them, but a gumby... costumes, manuscripts, movie and sound-clips, some cans of spam... the possibilities is without limit.
and of course a HUGE giftshop with low prices. *creams my panties*

Johnnyrose at 3:24 pm November 21

allllll excelent ideas!!! You are hired to work in it!

the_thina at 3:37 pm November 21

yay! thank you! :D and ofcorse a bit of grays ashes (whatever is left of it LOL) should be in there too

mrsCutout: What an amazing idea!!!!!Absolutely genious!that thing about the chocolat figures is so great! And what about the gift shop? Maby the Pythons themselves(and Carol ofcourse)!

Johnnyrose at 12:09 pm November 21

...seling kisses...

mrsCutout at 12:47 pm November 21

Ooh!Love it! And what about some free flying lessons!!

Johnnyrose at 3:37 pm November 21

Yes! ... and free Latin Lessons!


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CamelSpotter at 9:46 pm November 22

That reminds me of another picture...

kisch: Pythond dolls. Full size. To... erm play with.

Johnnyrose at 5:50 am November 21

Made in LEGO? (*naughty girl*)

kisch at 6:06 am November 21

Not necessarily:))))))
I think April would agree with me

Hanri at 6:38 am November 21

I'll agree with you.... :)))))

And I bet Johnny wouldn't mind a Carol one, eh, eh?!

Johnnyrose at 7:56 am November 21

...natural size Carol.... oh boy!

kisch at 7:01 am November 21

Oh, Hanri, I was sure you'd agree with me too ! LOL

Hanri at 7:12 am November 21

Let's just say now I know what I want for Christmas..... (naughty? me? never!)

Johnnyrose at 7:55 am November 21

... for Christmas??... well, your wish shall be attended... well, sort of...
Promiss you'll only opene at Christmas, ok, Hanri??
You have been a good girl?

Hanri at 10:36 am November 21

Hehehe, wouldn't that heavy package be waaay too expensive?! ;)
I promise, cross my heart I have been a good girl, really! And will do my very best from this day forth.