And now... John Cleese

Love this pic!

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Lvndr HppE: Little bit of trivia: Who was the first Python to say "And Now For Something Completely different" and who was the second? Hint: Neither of them were John, and they said it on the same episode, but at different times.

Johnnyrose at 6:42 am April 13


Lvndr HppE at 1:27 pm April 13

Yup! Now, who was the second python to say it? Anyone? Anyone?

nope_ive_been_shopping at 4:36 pm June 23


Lvndr HppE at 6:16 am June 24

Yup! You've got it! John was the third.

nope_ive_been_shopping at 5:02 pm June 26

Haha, I'm glad John took over. That phrase just suits him.

TheSister91: LOL

MontyMaria: And now for something completely different...

MontyPython93: Iiiih :D

The Ex-Leper: AHHH I love how serious he is when he does those "And now for something completely different..." bits and sometimes he is doing the most ridiculous things like holding a pig or wearing a bikini or walking on the water and other such things XD

mrsCutout at 3:38 pm December 02

Oh hahaha yes!O dear that scene with the bikini was so funny!It was a surprising show for it's time..

Johnnyrose at 4:22 pm December 01

yes, he always manage to surprise us, isn't it?