And Now for Something Completely Silly – UEFA Bans Python Joke

UEFA fails to look on bright side of Bayern fans' Monty Python gag.



Wednesday, September 15, 2010

UEFA have moved rapidly and effectively to stop something which if permitted would have shocked the world. Germans with a sense of humour.

Bayern Munich fans wanted to display a banner based on one of the best sketches from the Monty Python film Life of Brian. In one scene, the hero Brian played by Graeme Chapman, wishes to demonstrate his opposition to Roman rule of the province of Judea by painting “Romans Go Home” on a wall.

Unfortunately, his Latin grammar lets him down and he paints “Romanes eunt domus” which as any of you who had the misfortune to learn Latin at school will know is hopelessly wrong.

A Centurion played by John Cleese catches Brian, but rather than being appalled by the anti-Roman sentiments of the message is more concerned, and indeed offended, by Brian’s appalling Latin syntax.

“What’s this, then? “Romanes eunt domus”? People called Romanes, they go the house?” asks the insulted Cleese as he points out how Brian has confused his nominatives with his datives and his indicatives with his imperatives.

Cleese then proceeds to give the unfortunate and terrified Brian a Latin lesson in the manner of a cruel mid century English private school Latin Master.

It is that sketch, that Bayern Munich fans were attempting to parody with their own “Romans Go Home” banner which they intended to wave in their Champions League tie against AS Roma. UEFA however knew better and decided that the Italian fans would be offended and moved to ban it.


‘Romani ite domum’ too much for UEFA
Posted on 15 September 2010

NYON, Switzerland- European soccer’s governing body barred Bayern Munich fans from displaying a Monty Python-inspired banner at Wednesday night’s Champions League match, fearing the sign might offend visiting fans from the Italian club AS Roma.

The Union of European Football Associations said the banner reading “Romani ite domum” – Latin for “Romans Go Home” – was considered provocative.

The slogan references a scene in the movie comedy Monty Python’s “Life of Brian.” UEFA did approve the German fans displaying a “Life of Bayern” flag at the Allianz Arena.

In a statement, UEFA said: “Anything that may cause offense to a fan base or ethnic group, and therefore pose a security risk, including banners or symbols, is carefully vetted.”

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mrsCutout: Hahaha omg ! Ofcourse they didn't get it! Ugh! How do people get offended so easily?Thanks for shring though!

Jatta: OK, now I know why I love München so much :D

Mrs Attila the Hun 93: Why? It's funny! Of course the flippin' Italians wouldn't be offended at all!
Stupid PC football association :(

Tanya_Birklid19: I think political correctness has gone too far these days, and I agree with Thina. It's just a bloody joke! Jeez Louis!

Lvndr HppE: Oooh. Its because they didn't get the joke.

the_thina: everyone gets so offended by everything now adays. you cant hardly sneeze without some bastard somewhere gets upset over the tone you sneezed in. ok, maybe its not THAT bad but not far from it.
cleesey said something very wise on the comment-track of fawlty towers "you cant censour comedy just because some moron wont understand that its a joke"

Johnnyrose at 2:21 pm September 16

You bet, the_thina! That's a fab phrase by John!!