And now...the greek version of Always look on the bright side of life!

It is very nice and the lyrics are so hillarious! This is a comedy group ...they used to do live shows with songs and last year for the celebration of their "i don't knoow how many" years the made this version haha i'll try to translate the things the say of I can!Enjoy

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thewastelandr: HAHAHA who are they?? They look familiar... I might have seen their show once when I was in Greece. Amazing!! Who are your favorite singers/groups there?? I love Anna Vissi, Nikos Makropoulos, and another guy whose name I can't remember right now.

mrsCutout at 8:48 am April 24

this is a group made of actors mostly but they all had musical education! they're called the "distant cousins" or something! Well you know Anna vissi and makropoulos are not of our best singers...just catchy you know like jonas brothers and beatles!

thewastelandr at 6:21 am April 25

Ohh really? LOL! I've only heard of few of Vissi and Makropoulos' songs. I have a really great cd of this Greek guy who looks like Robbie Williams but I can't remember his name. It's at my parents' house... I'll look next time I'm there. Mainly I got a lot of street musicians' cds when I was there. Who do you like the best??

mrsCutout at 2:35 pm April 25

oh well! there are many! I like Haris alexiou she is a singer and this guy alkiviadis kostantopoulos! I have some in my you tube acount if you wanna check cause the names are difficult haha!

thewastelandr at 4:00 pm April 25

Ok!! How do I get to your youtube account??