Another "crazy" idea (?)

There really are a bunch of us PythOnliners on FaceBook, and many of us are mutual contacts there. But here's a thought:

Wouldn't it be nice, when new people find each other on FaceBook knowing that "hey, that guy/chick is on PythOnline, I wonder if he'll/she'll be friends with me" and send friend requests, if they added a message to the request and telling by what name are they known on PythOnline?

Would save a lot of embarrassing moments, trying to figure out "hmm, I know she's on POL but who the heck is she?"

In a nutshell:
When you send friend requests on FaceBook to other PythOnliners, please tell who you are.

Mind you, most people I know using FB have the principle of ignoring all friend requests of people they don't know who they are at that precise moment.

Carry on!


Hanri, Regimental Sergeant Major II
The Python Army HeadQuarters

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the_thina: my IRL name is thina hederstedt. so in case someone wants to add me you are free to do so! :)

Hanri: Again, with sooooo many new members around (yay for PythOnline and The Python Army!), I'm pulling this thread up again.

Networking is fantastic! I just would like to know who I'm networking with. :)

mrsCutout: Oh the first time i had on my profile "mrs cutout' but now i removed it but every time i see a python fan and add as friend i write my name on p-line...same on utube it's so cool! Spread the word!

thewastelandr: Agreed!

Hanri: Pulling this one out in the open again, since we have manny manny new Python Army members here, and I have a bad memory for names. ;)

I don't want you ignore you on Facebook, but I'd like to know who you are! You are all lovely people!

kermit: I finally got back in to Facebook and had a lot of F/Rs waiting and I went ahead and said "this is kermit" so if any of them were from here they would know who I was. I guess the ones who weren't from here are by now wondering who the hell kermit is...