Another mail from Johnny boy!

I found this 3 days ago but i was away and only now i had the time to post!

Greetings land-bound friends!

Here's a little postcard from my deck chair on the Queen Mary 2. I had a simply delightful time crossing the Atlantic from New York to Southampton recently. Just like Michael Palin on a freighter, I worked for my supper too. I wonder if his menu ever included Crab & Baby Shrimp Thermidor?

Performing on board is like visiting with old friends. I played an episode of Fawlty Towers, showed some film clips and told stories, which thankfully, the kind audience found amusing. It really is one of the most enjoyable experiences. Here's a clip of a show on the QM2 from a few years ago that you might enjoy.

Now that I'm back in the UK, there are only a few more weeks before I'll be out on tour again in Scandinavia. I'll need to brush up on my Norwegian and continue rehabilitating my bionic knee, which is feeling much better, thank you. So much better, in fact, that when I return from my Nordic tour, I don't know whether I should book a trip to Fatima or visit Haggis.

Finally, one of my minons found that someone was asking if I was the funniest man alive. It was good to see that people on that site are no longer asking if I'm alive.

Until next time,

Admiral Cheese

P.S. The minions have asked me to remind you that the UK and US shops are bursting with stylish togs to display your good taste and intelligence.

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Johnnyrose: Allways funny!

thewastelandr: Admiral Cheese! Love it! What a man :)

mrsCutout: Here's the clip John reffered to from QM2
and here are two more links he reffered to as well