Answers to "Can You Find Gilliam?" Images 1 through 10

I have posted the answers to the first ten CYFG images in this thread.

Warning!!! Do not click on an image unless you are completely sure you want to know where Gilliam in hiding.

Each of these images are animated gifs. However, don't expect them to be exciting or move very fast. Once you click on an image you'll have 20 seconds to look at the answer to that particular CYFG image. If you didn't manage to see the answer for any reason don't worry in about a second the image will go back to the answer.
The reason I chose to post the images as gifs is because it was the best way I could think of to keep from giving away the answers right away.

Here's an example of how it works:

"Let's say you can't find Gilliam in ""Can You Find Gilliam? 5".
All you have to do is look for the image with a 5 in the main
part of this thread and click on that image.

The same of course works for all 10 images in this thread.

Later I will be posting the answers to the rest of my CYFG images (I plan to post them all in groups of ten). It will take awhile though because I still need to make the gifs.

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TheRealGilliamFan: How in the heck do you post these "spoiler" thingies? That's ccol!

arkennedy at 2:15 pm October 03


Here's what I did:

First I used Microsoft Paint to circle all the Gilliams I had hidden in the images,

Then I used Microsoft Paint again to make the images with the numbers,

after that I used Photoscape (a free image editor that's very easy to use and does a lot considering you don't have to pay for it) to animated the images.

Here is how I made the animations:

I went to the anigif section of Photoscape

Chose a number image and then chose the Gilliam image that corresponded with that number (making sure that the number image came first)

Then I made sure the number image was highlighted and click on the "Change Time" button. I made sure that "Change only display time of selected frames" was chosen and set that time for 100 which is equal to 1 second.

Then I highlighted the CYFG image, clicked on the "Change Time" again and repeated the steps except I set the time for 2000 which is equal to 20 seconds.

Finally I saved my work and posted the images on Pythonline the same way any other image would be posted.

arkennedy at 4:03 pm October 03

I forgot about a step. Before I saved the animated gifs in photoscape I made sure I had the canvas size set on the biggest photo's size.

For the purposes of this thread choosing the biggest photo's size worked best. However depending on what you plan to do you may want to go with one of the other options.

Leapy Lee: maan, that was so funny! the 9th was the best! I'm really dumb with numbers, anyway, thinking about 10 gilliams in a crowd is a HELL of a fun idea :D

mrsCutout: Thanks!!!! I was wondering about one!


Excellent. Now we have the answers to "Can You Find Gilliam?" as well as all the questions.

Thanks. ;)

arkennedy at 12:24 pm October 02

You're welcome :)