Any Old Iron

I have a subscription to and because I've included Peter Sellers in my library I've heard this song a few times. I'm not sure how to post the link to it (I can't guarantee that this is the song you'll hear) so I found it on Youtube.

I'm posting it here for two reasons:

1: I think people will enjoy it.

2: Am I imaging it, or is that Graham Chapman's voice near the end of the song? He only says about ten words starting with "hey you..." To me it sounds like him but I'm not sure if it's because it really is him or because I usually end up listening to this song late at night. Does anyone else think it sounds like Graham? If it isn't could anyone tell me who it actually is?

BTW: Peter Sellers was a cast member of the Goon Show: and I know that at least one of the Pythons (Michael) was a fan of (and influenced by) the Goon Show. I think some of the others were fans as well but I'm not entirely sure. So if anyone is wondering what the link between this and Python is, that's it.

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the_thina: dosent it start with "I say" thats how I sounds like to me... and yes, it sounds like graham. not sure though. can be that it makes me think of mr neutron-episode but wasent it jonesy collecting iron?
anyway, Im sure that if you look up the song on wiki or google you will find the fact IF it was graham, but if its not him you will have to search forever