any of you seeing the reunion show live or in theater?

Unforunately I don't live in england but I will see it in the theaters! cant wait, any of you seeing it live or on screen?

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... in a Lisbon cinema, with my wife and 11 years son!!! Pure nostalgy...

cony at 3:41 pm July 21

Wasn't that a great feeling to watch the Montys alla round the world?

cony: Saw the last show nearly live - in a cinema in Berlin.

Was really great!
Penis song with 2 new verses, the dead parrot who was going to join Dr Chapman and 5 men who had fun to do the show, sometimes forgot a bit of text, sometimes joking around, Stephen Hawkins in the audience, and a best of all sketches...

German fans can see the last show on ARTE TV, 30th of july.

larsen525: I was at the opening night at the O2, along with my friend Sue Upton (who for many years had been an actress and dancer on "The Benny Hill Show").

We both enjoyed the show very much. Sue commented on how well the show was put together, with the sketches, animations, and song-and-dance numbers all flowing into each other. She also praised the choreography, along with the energy and ability of the dancers - but she did say to me, "Those dance numbers were raunchier than anything Benny would have done!"

grayskies: We will be seeing it at the cinema here in Pennsylvania on July 23rd. Nothing like seeing it live, I'm sure, but never could have even dreamed of affording a trip to London.

Brian: I'm seeing it live on Tuesday - I am so excited!!!!!!!!!

pearson.pearson3: Hey, MontyPythonrocks18:

I'd like to see it, but will not be there in person. I'm in the U.S.A. (Mesa, Arizona)...

Have you heard if they will air the reunion show in theatres or some other venue?

I'd like to know so that I can watch for it.

Thanks! Have a funny day.

Brian at 6:45 am July 16

The show was amazing.

It was really funny and very clever, all the sketches linked was amazing.
At some point they all cracked up except Terry G which made it even funnier and more personal. Eric could not stop at one point and John just made it worse by drawing attention and improvising his part!
Some of it (of course) was in bad taste like the additions to the penis song but I won't reveal anything to those who have not seen it yet.
Graham certainly made his appearance as did pepperpots, Gumbys and lots of animation, music and dance.

They are airing the final show (July 20th)live about 7:30 I think on channel Gold and also in cinemas world wide.