any youtube-requests?

I have a ripping-program that works kinda ok. if there isent some badass copy-protection I can rip the first 10 minutes of any chapter.
I have put up quite a lot today and figured uot how to make playlists. so, anyone have any requests?

and oh, here is the link:

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the_thina: now I have gegun ripping and putting up DNAYS.
for some reason my rip-program wont take at last the 1948 show...
I will also put up the 3 python-moments from young ones if I can

mrsCutout: wow I love that neil innes as johhny cash! Haha i had no idea so brilliant two favs! hmm what kind of stuff do you have?

the_thina at 6:10 am June 15

oh christ, my movie-collection is BIG. I can only rip stuff that havent got too much copy-protections. old ones I can crack, but not new ones.

Lvndr HppE: Hmmmm. How about "How Not to be Seen"? I haven't seen it up on youtube, and it's a great sketch. At least my 12 year old nephew loves it.

the_thina at 10:02 am June 20

Im uploading it right now. :)

Lvndr HppE at 9:10 pm June 20