april fools!

haha, plenty of pepole have tried to fool me today. no one succeeded. found this article about a joke that was made 20 years before I was born, but I have heard about it and even seen the clip.
of topic, yes, but funny.
if you have similar aprils fools-legends to share, feel free to do so!

Sweden’s most famous April Fool’s Day hoax occurred on April 1, 1962. At the time, STV (Sveriges Television) was the only television channel in Sweden, and it broadcast in black and white.

The station announced that their “technical expert,” Kjell Stensson, was going to describe a process that would allow people to view color images on their existing black-and-white sets.

The broadcast cut to Stensson sitting in front of a television set in the studio. He began to explain how the process worked. His discussion was highly technical, going into details about the prismatic nature of light and the phenomenon of “double slit interference.” But at last he arrived at the main point. Researchers, he said, had recently discovered that a fine-meshed screen placed in front of a black-and-white television screen would cause the light to bend in such a way that it would appear as if the image was in color.

Stensson told viewers they could experience the effect at home with the help of some simple, readily accessible materials. Nylon stockings, it turned out, were the perfect fabric to use as a fine-meshed screen. So all viewers had to do, Stensson said, was to cut open a pair of stockings and tape them over the screen of their television set. The image on the television should suddenly appear to be in color.

Stensson cautioned that the viewer would have to be seated at the correct distance from the screen in order to get the full effect. Also, it might be necessary to “move your head very carefully” back and forth, in order to align the color spectrum.

Thousands of viewers later admitted they had fallen for the hoax. Many Swedes today report that they remember their parents (their fathers in particular) rushing through the house trying to find nylon stockings to place over the TV set.

STV attempted its first color broadcast four years later, in 1966. Regular color broadcasts were begun in Sweden on April 1, 1970.

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The Ex-Leper: is it just me or does anybody else here think the man in that picture resembles Drew Carey?

the_thina at 8:58 am April 03

haha, well, the glasses and maybe partsof the face, but nothing I would have noticed if you had not said it. XD

flopsy_mrs: damm i was so confidant i could trick you with my joke xd

the_thina at 6:10 am April 03

hahahaha. no way! I think I know you faaar better than you think I do. ^^ that YOU of all pepole would become a nun? haha. noooo. I would belive you more if you told me you were a satanist! XD

Lvndr HppE: That is funny. I'd say funnier than my Hugh Laurie Obituary thing I tried to pull off.

thewastelandr at 8:20 pm April 01

Haha it probably would have worked but too many of us have seen ABOFAL!

Lvndr HppE at 9:07 pm April 02

I got one person, though. I was happy with that.

thewastelandr at 9:18 pm April 02