Are there any women here today?

Some of you have very graciously taken this noob under an arm and replied to its very silly posts or else performed some kind of inviting-to-be-friend witchcraft, for which you should probably be burned. Those of you who have have been subjected to the scrutiny of a view of your profile (nobody expects the scrutiny of a view of one's profile!) and it has appeared, as if in a dream, that you're all women.

Is this true?

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Not that late: Hey! I haven't seen this post! Yes, there is a lot of women here!

When I joined this website I felt a little disappointed with the posts, there was a lot of "Someone Someone's pictures" and "Something something elimination game", wich is ok, for a while, but I think (since the administrators of this site abandoned us) we need something TO TALK ABOUT not just to see pictures (that is good too, I'm not made of stone)

And this is where I got killed for being a woman and talk like this of other women. But come on, girls! I don't want you to feel bad about this, I'm sorry if you feel offended.

Here Comes Another One at 2:52 am October 14

I reckon a healthy balance is good. There's no reason why people who want to drool over the guys can't drool over them. I mean, I fancy some of them, but not nearly as much as I find them funny, looking at them's just a bonus - in fact I think if I'm attracted to them at all it's because the fact that they're funny makes me notice their physical good points. I don't think anyone who fancies them would enjoy Python just for the sake of looking at them, I mean, they're not that fabulous. Like, no man/gay woman would watch Python just to look at Carol, right? But it doesn't mean they don't appreciate her. I visit the picture threads from time to time, but I'm more interested in discussing things mostly. And I find some of the fanfics entertaining too. I like the fact that you can do all of the above on this site and I don't think anyone here would want to exclude any content in favour of something else.

genji at 3:16 am October 14

I'd just like it to be a bit more organised; all the fandom stuff in one sub-forum, all the discussion threads in another, the games sectioned off and maybe an off-topic section. The problem is that because everything's just lumped together the sheer volume (and constant updating) of fanfic, photo threads, games and so on means the interesting discussions disappear if they're not added to daily.

Here Comes Another One at 4:02 am October 14

That is quite a good point; that does work well in other forums I've seen.

genji at 11:32 am October 13

I think there has been some very good discussion in the last few days. Even though Colonel's Daughter and I disagreed last night and it got a bit heated, at least we were discussing things. The fandom threads have their place but I think quite a few members have posted some very interesting new threads lately.

Not that late at 9:33 am October 14

I wonder if there is someone we can talk to, so we can give them ideas to change the site, to organize it...

genji at 10:40 am October 14

Oh, I think people are trying their best. Whether it happens is a different matter.

mrsCutout: I have to say it's os unfair! I am female and i love Monty Pythons more than any other tv show i have ever seen.I love all their films equaly and all their individual shows and films.I love them too! They are all so cute! But that's irrelevant haha! It's so stupid to think women unable to appreciate good humorr.I am a huge fan in general of all British comedy.Love Spike Pete and Dud Fry and Laury Rowan Attcinson etc! The few people I know in greece that are aware of MP are both men and women although my female friend like Mp more. In Pythonline I most of the mebmber ,or sould I say the majority,are women (and most of them not even british but that's irrelevant too).What does that prove?Women CAn appreciate good humor and that Monty Python IS for all genres and ages and nationalities!

Hanri at 2:57 am September 25

It's not that we're supposedly not allowed to enjoy Python, but here's what I think. What I've noticed of the Python fandom phenomena in general is, that the humour is most appreciated by men, but they don't talk about it. When we women like and love something, we shout out.

I think it's a nerd thing. Python does stretch out to other groups than just nerds, yes, but the nerds are the ones that admit it and memorize the lines and skits. And most nerd girls don't admit they're nerds (what a relief, that is changing all the time!).

We women have a tendency to appreciate the looks as well. When men start appreciating the looks on women and shouting about it, some women get offended. I wonder why should it be any different the other way around?

But a good example of really appreciating Brit humour just for the humour: Atkinson. X) Love his mimes and vicars to bits.

My point was, that there are both men and women that appreciate Python. But for some reason most of the men aren't the ones that register to fansites. Tell me if I'm not making any sense. lol

genji at 4:18 am September 25

Very good points, Hanri. I hadn't considered it like that.

I'm also a member of a Formula 1 forum and the tables are completely turned there. It's about 80% male, and they're very vocal. I know most of them are Python fans because it crops up from time to time, but I can't imagine them joining a Python forum. To most men, Python just is. It's done now, and while they might have joined forums back in, say, 1979 (if they had existed then), I suppose they don't feel there's that much to discuss any more. My perspective is just that it's fun to chat with fellow fans who are bound to share at least some opinions because of the common interest in Python. I'd also like to add my voice to the appreciative clamour at this stage because, well, the Pythons are not getting any younger and their work has certainly enriched my life.

Which brings me to the "Brit humour" thing. A lot has always been made of Monty Python's Britishness even from the beginning with the idea that it would never work in America. It clearly defied this opinion and I think that's because it's not peculiarly British. I think it's peculiarly human. Of course most of its references are to British society or authority because that's were the group worked, but I believe the reason for its universal appeal is its expression of the frustrations, tensions and liberations that people share the world over. There's a long list of brilliant British comedians, but to me Python stands apart.

As for nerdism, I hadn't actually considered a gender divide. My g/f was into Python long before I met her and we have two copies of the same books, CDs, DVDs, etc. It's no surprise to me that women love Python every bit as much as men. It is a surprise that anyone fancies them but then there's no accounting for taste! However, this is what surprised me about the vast majority of threads here, which aren't celebrating the Pythons' work but simply the fact that people fancy them. It seems very narcissistic to me to rewrite Mr. Palin's life story. I know it's just a bit of fun, but when the forum is dominated by that kind of output I think the fun is taken out of it a bit. Your point about women being offended when men say, "Phwoar, she's a bit of alright," etc., is a bit of an eye-opener and perhaps I'm just reacting in the same way.

genji at 2:52 am September 25

Look, I hope members of this forum won't take this the wrong way... I don't mean it as a criticism of anyone's contribution, all of which is valid and totally justified. This forum is whatever its members want it to be, and I respect that.

What I would say, Mrs. Cutout, in response to your comment, is that the majority of the forum's posts are fan-fiction. Well, either that or enormous threads of idolatry, which I'm personally a bit uncomfortable with and I don't think that's because I'm a male. It's not that I think those contributions should be eradicated (we're free to read what we want and ignore anything we don't like), I just think they completely swamp the message board and make finding Python information or interesting Pythonesque threads very difficult for newcomers, especially when each chapter of a fan-fic is given a new thread rather than continuing on the same thread as the first chapter.

I think it's sad that the most official Python forum has become a celebration of the Pythons' names and faces (and that they're routinely given completely false personalities and histories in the fan-fic) rather than their exceptional talents and achievements.

mrsCutout at 7:28 am September 25

I would like to responde to Harni's comment and say that I do memorate lines and shout them out loud eve though nobody understands (ehem) but I don't know If I am a nerd...Perhaps I am who knows haha! oh and genji...I for once don't take it wrong.I know what you mean and it's true about what you said about this site.Well I personaly don't think it's a bad thing.People here love the Pythons so much and most of them visit every day so we could say it's in a way part of their every day lifes.We are from all over the world all shorts of ages and genres sharing a common (or more)interest and that's why the site has become this way.Ok I won't say there weren't better days.I remember visiting this place long before I registered,or even when I first did.There were quizes ,fan threads(reffering to Lady A.'s page on Michael)every day posts on the Pythons and all the people related.But as soon as the place changed this stopped.Many of the older memebers are rarely visiting anymore and everyone recalls a few days that there were barely new pots at all.I think these fanfics are fun cause we get a chance to write something funny and share it with people that understand it.I know it's a Python fan site but it's more alive than any other fansite for them or for any other artist.We are given the chance to do more than comment on only 4 or 5 posts concering only a new film etc.There used to be such posts but they eithr got lost druing the renew of the place or the creators don't visit anymore...I have posted videos related to the Pythons,either interviews or sketches or news.There used to be threads on who is our fave python wich is the best movie and why and similar stuff.But as i said the are not seen.It's not the best way this site could be but I prefer it this way rather than without any posts at all.Just keep digging in here I bet you'll find many many threads you'll love. I hope I answered clearly my English are not too good and I can't express very well haha.Sorry!

A. Lupin: In my area, Python is very mildly popular. Most guys have seen Holy Grail and only a handful have ever heard of Life of Brian. Most girls just don't get the silliness where I'm from! I know *one hardcore Python fan who's a guy and I'm cultivating some more female fans, so make that *two* Python fans and me so *three* Python fans.

Holly: I had a friend tell me that I was very weird for liking Monty Python because I was a girl.

I didn't see anywhere in the opening credits that said if you are from the female variety to look away, you're too fragile to grasp what we are about to expose you to.

So, I told her to "Piss Off"

thewastelandr at 2:31 pm September 22

Holly, you are amazing!

Holly at 8:18 pm September 22

lol, I don't know about that, but I get feisty sometimes

Lvndr HppE: Because of this site, I know more female Python fans than male Python fans. Although, in all actuality. I only know one male Python fan. My friend's fiance.

clockworkgirl21: I'm reminded of the Family Guy quote. "We're making Meg watch all the sketches of Monty Python that are neither funny nor memorable." We see Meg tied to a chair, and she says, "I'm a girl, I don't even like the good Monty Python sketches!"

the_thina at 5:43 am September 21

haha, yeah I remember that one too.

the_thina: we are mostly girls here, yes.
wich is quite funny because I have heard pythons (mike and john if I remember correctly) saying that "girls dont like/understand python" or something like that.
then I kind of accepted it because Ive always been a tomboy and didnt have many female friends so could not know what other girls like or dont like..
but now I know how very wrong they where. or maybe the world has changed.
I do know plenty of guys who like python, just not many that have found their way here

genji at 4:04 pm September 20

Well, yeah, this forum kind of belies Mr. Palin's point. And to be fair, women can be far sillier than men should the mood take them, in my experience.

the_thina at 4:39 pm September 20

haha, yeah it does. but I think they know better now, since they all know about this site I reccon they also know the majoroty of the members in here are girls.
and yes, we can be both mad and silly. :)

ThankYouSaystheGreatQueen at 3:27 pm September 20

I've seen the clip where Mike said that... He said something like "Women can't be silly like men can. They don't understand Python very well." STOP THIS SILLINESS AT ONCE! :)

the_thina at 3:42 pm September 20

dont remember the exact content of what was said, but Im pretty sure Ive heard both mike and john claim it. and as I said, thet where very wrong. maybe it was like that when they had their peek in the 70s, but not any longer.
but the important thing is that we do love them, no matter if they know it or not. :)

genji: It's not that I have any anything specific against women, you understand. Some of the greatest mothers in history were women. Sisters, too. Not to mention daughters. However, some of the worst (*cough*Camilla*cough*) were women, it has to be said.

Anyway, I'd just like to know - am I in a minority of single figures fewer than ∏?

genji at 2:27 pm September 20

That's, like, three people, only one of whom has logged in in any timeframe remotely correlating to 'recently'.

TheRealGilliamFan at 2:32 pm September 20

It's not "like" three people. It is three people XD
I'm sure there's more.....

arkennedy at 4:00 pm September 20

There are more and are two of them but most members of Pythonline are female.

genji at 2:39 pm September 20

But, surely, three people is like three people. I'm sure that's written in a book somewhere... "whenever two, ar, three are gathered together then they will perform the Parrot sketch."

Screaming Queen at 8:43 pm September 21

I am a lady and my mom and sister have watched Python since we were very little. My brother is a fan, but we've all watched it since we were very young -- Mom watched it when it was first on TV, my sister and I grew up with it.

Screaming Queen at 8:45 pm September 21

Hmm, I realize that kind of looks odd. Ok, I'll quickly explain -- my brother isn't really my brother, I just call him that because he's really my sister's partner & I'm very close to him and I sort of grew up with him. :)