article about grahams death

just found this. a bit morbid and sad, but figured some of you might like to read it, but get out your magnefying-glasses, its small.
but if you dont want to get all teared up, take my warning before you read it.
it mostly caught my attention because of how beautiful he is in the picture, reading/hearing about his death always makes me so sad, so I have to admit I didnt read the whole thing.

in case the picture dont work, here is a link:

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Hachmom: Very sad they didnt mention David...somewhere i have the People Magazine obituary which was more detailed about Graham's family....but then People has been very good about such things for a long time

the_thina at 7:04 am June 12

could you make a scan of that?

sit-on-my-face: Thanks a lot for the picture. The fact that they don't mention David Sherlock is very stupid. And yes, thinking this horrible news was in the paper makes it more real and gets me emotional.

the_thina at 3:24 pm May 15

yeah, the mantioned john, but not david. what the fuck is up with that?

sit-on-my-face at 6:05 pm May 15

89, USA... It's a bit late to be THAT homophobic. Ach, there will always be upper-class twits on this earth.

the_thina at 5:24 am May 16

yeah I guess so. :(