Attack of The Show

Terry Gilliam talking about "The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus" on Attack of the Show.

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WolfSpirit: Swwwetttttt! G4 sucks now... but at least it has a few highlights still... lol

Holly at 2:18 pm February 10

yeah it does, I only like "Web Soup" & "Attack of the Show" Chris Hardwick is hot & funny, what more could you ask for

WolfSpirit at 2:21 pm February 10

lol I used to like a number of shows... x-play used to be my favorite and I still like it ocationally... though it's not as good as it used to be. (but it gave birth to my censorship kittens... dunno if you used to watch it but around the 2nd seson if something was graphic or not tv appropriate thwy'd have like.. cut out kittens pop out of sides of the screen over the image... though the edges were not covered and neither was the sound so it was almost useless lol)

Holly at 2:27 pm February 10

I know what show you're talking about but I've never watched it. Censorship kittens? nice!

WolfSpirit at 2:29 pm February 10

Definatly my favorite... back when i used to watch it it was just basically a relaxed show... a couple people playing games and reveiwing them with lots of humor and weird shit thrown in lol.

Kasmira: Thanks so much for add this here :)! I thank you even if i'm already going to be late for school (because I couldn't resist to watch it later, so here i am, sitting on the computer when i should be dressing up to school...)

Holly at 10:36 am February 10

You're welcome :) I couldn't resist watching it either

Kasmira at 12:30 pm February 10

I have to add this interview to my Facebook site because I've told by my friends many times that Pythons' must had been on drugs doing the series but here is the prove, at least Terry G wasn't on drugs... He's just an artist ;) And I appreciate his work. He's genius :) And I'm sure that you would easily have the most weirdest mind and there are no drugs needed to create that silly world they were created.

Holly at 2:29 pm February 10

I think that being weird is required to be creative :)

Kasmira at 4:19 pm February 10

yeah! and i'm desperately wanted to be one of them... but most of all, i admire them who are...