Attending NY City Premiere of "Holy Grail"

On 28 April 1975 I was standing in line with hundreds of other fans waiting to get in to see the NY City opening day premiere of "The Holy Grail." After what seemed like hours and hours (and probably was) word was being passed down the line that because of the massive numbers of fans, a second print of the film had been sent for and an additional theater was being added. By the time I got into the theater, the supply of free coconuts had run dry and more disappointingly, the six Pythons were being split between the two theaters. After the movie ended, we were greeted in the lobby by the two Terrys and (I suspect a pretty sloshed) Graham Chapman. While I took photos, my friend got autographs. The two Terrys signed legibly but Graham's was a masterful scribble devoid of any semblance of letters. I thought it pretty funny-- my fiend did not. My friend had the last laugh when I got my slide film developed and most photos were under exposed. I've been trying to track down the name of the theater that ran the film. Does any one know?

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