Attention Ranks! Time to dress up!

You think you have what it takes to be a real hard core Monty Python fan? You think you can withstand the challenges that the Python Army sets for you? Well, we think you do and you can, since you've found your way here. Now it's time to put ourselves on the front line!

Tanya_Birklid19 once posted a thread on dressing up as Gumbys, and here's the link: -> We in the Python Army HQ think it's time bring it back to life and up the ante a bit, so the mission is this:

Dig up your Lion Tamer hats, Dennis Moore robes, nice red uniforms, pink tutus, pepperpot scarfs and lipsticks, handkerchiefs, F.G. Superman costumes, barbie doll heads, Robin Hood caps and bows, Bruces' shorts, duck hats, coconuts, inflatable stomachs, Rattie's whiskers, bowler hats and all costume-like things related to pre-Python, Python and post-Python projects and dress up as a character from such project. Snap a picture of yourself and post it as a comment to this thread. Tell us who you are (although everyone here surely recognizes you) and what project are you related to (1948 Show, Flying Circus, Jabberwocky etc.). Last but not least, copy the link of this page from the top of your Internet browser and spread it to your friends through Facebook, Twitter, Digg and all the different communities you might be a part of. For sharing you can also use the "Share/Save" button on the left of this post.

It's time to invite more of our dear beloved friends and neighbors to join our cause! To Pythonize the world! To support our subjects of admiration! To unite! Vive L'Armée Python!

So in short, here are your orders:
- dress up as a character from any Python related serie, film or project
- snap a picture of yourself
- upload it as a comment to this thread telling who you are and what project are you from
- copy the link to this page and send it everywhere (spread the word!)
- you can upload several pictures, and you can comment others' pics freely

Now, start being silly and get on with it! The Python Army is counting on you! (One piggy bank, two piggy banks, three piggy banks...)

Remaining yours, as Tony from The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus,
Hanri, Regimental Sergeant Major II
The Python Army HeadQuarters

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mrsCutout: UGH! Where do you people find these costumes?I can't find any of these! I want to dress up too! No Halloween for me here but so what?We have a carnaval during February haha!

Hanri at 12:34 am September 25

Except the carneval mask (I got it from Venice), I make my own costumes. We don't have halloween either, not officially, so it's not every town that sells costumes. My answer to all that I can't find is to make my own or find someone to help me. :)

mrsCutout at 7:56 am September 25

Hmmm...that's an interesting option! I'll try it!Thanks!!!

Holly: Target is selling bowler-hats for $6.00 in the Halloween section.

Hanri at 10:28 pm September 23

I sooo want one, but I haven't found one bowler hat in this country. Rats.

MontyPythonrocks18: I am thinking of being Mr. Gumby this year for halloween, if i am able to get the costume together I'll share it with y'all :D

genji at 1:06 am September 24

That would be great, thanks. I don't have a Gumby costume.

MontyPythonrocks18 at 10:01 am September 24

yeah neither do I, lol but I will see if i can put something together XD

genji at 2:41 pm September 24

Nice one. Do you think it'll fit me?


Here's to spirit it up!

I want to become a Lion Tamer! Yes, I've got a hat. A lion taming hat. A hat with 'lion tamer' on it. I got it at Harrods. And it lights up saying 'lion tamer' in great big neon letters, so that you can tame them after dark when they're less stroppy.

(sorry 'bout the lighting)

Holly at 8:19 pm September 22

Great picture Hanri!

genji: This is an excellent idea. Personally I think pictures should also be posted at:

But that's up to you.

I've never dressed up as a pepperpot, but as I approach that certain time of life...

Unfortunately my girlfriend is a size 8 and I'm a size 38, so not much hope of borrowing clothes.

TheRealGilliamFan at 1:27 am September 23

OMG I'm so excited that you made this facecrack page!!!!

TheRealGilliamFan at 1:19 am September 23

You rock my socks Genji! I'm joining the group... but not telling you "who" I am :) :) :) :) Me shy....

Hanri at 12:37 pm September 22

You should go to your mum's or granny's closet for a check. ;) You know, I was thinking of doing the pepperpot as well. Would be an interesting experience to act a man whose acting a woman.

Of course pics on the FB page as well! The more the merrier.

mrsCutout at 1:12 pm September 22

Hahaha I could do that! :D

Mrs Attila the Hun 93 at 1:36 pm September 22

I've never considered dressing up as a character. Might just try that someday...

genji at 1:38 pm September 22

5 October would be that day, right?

Hanri at 1:47 pm September 22

Took a head start!

Lady and Laird Candermine: .... so you be a Tony too... excellent... I'll inform the Laird of this fine choice ... LOL


This is me at my 16th birthday party, I made my friends dress as Python characters too! I was so happy to get that book! :)

genji at 12:33 pm September 22


Hanri at 9:54 am May 27

Brilliant! Absolutely marvellous! Keep 'em coming, you don't happen to have a group shot? ;)

Lady and Laird Candermine at 12:04 pm May 27


mrsCutout: Lovely!

sit-on-my-face: Is it working now?
Just be patient until Halloween! Pepperpots are gonna take over Montreal!My best pal an I are going to knock on people's doors screaming "If you don't give us candies, we'll slit your face!"

the_thina: just testing if it works now, mmmmkay...
good idea, but I dont know if I have anything... have to think about it for a while...

Hanri at 12:29 pm May 26

But that's the FUN part! Half the fun is to plan the plan..... (getting all sweeneytoddian on this!) The more creative solutions, the better!

the_thina at 12:33 pm May 26

yeah, Im thinking and thinking and thinking. and I think I have an idea forming.... but more on that later, you will have to see if I can find what I need (something I have been thinking over getting anyway)