Avahi cleesei

You all probably know this, but...

Avahi cleesei, also known as Woolly Cleese Lemur, is an lemur specie native from Madagascar, namede after John Cleesee, in his hommage.


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mrsCutout: Oh yes! I saw this article somewhere! haha good name for the lemur!

the_thina: yes I know. :) I think its so wonderful to know that john loves animals in general and lemurs in particular so much. I am an animal-lover as well, so it makes me like john all the more.
even though all the boys seems to really like animals, bless them!

genji at 9:13 am September 25

I find it amusing that, of all his wonderful characters, Mr. Cleese has ended up being closest to Eric Praline in his love for animals.

lmm86: It does look like him a bit doesn't it! LOL