BAFTA AWARDS - no award for Terry, unfortunately, but you can see him in the video:)

Well, Imaginarium was nominated for Best Production Design, but was beaten by the Avatar (which I didn't see and do not intend to).
Well, at least I'm happy for the brilliant Duncan Jones who won the Outstanding Debut for his terrific film "MOON".
You can see a bit of Terry (with Maggie!) in these vids:

... erm somehow I can't post the vids, so I'd post links:

BAFTA site:,949,BA.html

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Lady April: Granted that Avatar was really cool! I saw it in the 3-D format and thought it to be very amazing.

Lady April: Far out Kischy hun!!!! Thanks for the links =) Love you =)

the_thina: could you tell where (at what time) he is in eatch vid? if there is one thing I hate its watching these awards. sooooo boring!