Be very happy, ex-single-Hanri!

From: Much Ado About Nothing, by William Shakespeare

How dost thou, Benedick, the married man?

I'll tell thee what, prince; a college of
wit-crackers cannot flout me out of my humour. Dost
thou think I care for a satire or an epigram? No:
if a man will be beaten with brains, a' shall wear
nothing handsome about him. In brief, since I do
purpose to marry, I will think nothing to any
purpose that the world can say against it; and
therefore never flout at me for what I have said
against it; for man is a giddy thing, and this is my
conclusion. For thy part, Claudio, I did think to
have beaten thee, but in that thou art like to be my
kinsman, live unbruised and love my cousin."

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Holly: Congratulations!

Hanri: Aye, 'twas a grand day! Feels fairly odd to use a brand new family calling, but alas - from a very rare name I have changed to an even more rare name.

Thank you everyone for remembering me on my big day. :)

kisch: Congratulations, Hanri!!

Lvndr HppE: ha ha ha. Congratulations, Hanri!

TheRealGilliamFan: Congrats to you Hanri!

TheRealGilliamFan: Congrats to you Hanri!

Lady and Laird Candermine: Congratulations!!! I hope it was a wonderful day!!! ENJOY!!!
Long may you run, together!!!

mrsCutout: Haha well this is excellent!i am so happy for Hanri :D
Great quotayion JR

thewastelandr: Congrats to Hanri! So exciting!