Been away awhile, for I apologize

It has been almost a week that I haven't had my own pc on. And I gotta tell you, dear Python Army members, I am as we put it here frozen. Gotta fix this after I come back from the office.

Last weekend I was at a gospel music festival, took a few of my youngsters there. Supposedly it's the biggest of such event in Scandinavia and is held in Turku, Finland. And it takes some arrangements to get me + 5 there without actually driving or taking the train, I believe there's an insurance thing that I'm not allowed to hire a minivan and just drive everybody there myself.

Another thing, last week I FINALLY got a working partner! I've been working for two for the past 6 months, and now at last we lured a student who's waiting the bureaucracy to get her diploma to work with me. So there's a lot of prepping to do, so that she can really get to work.

Long story short, I have been busy. And by the time I've gotten home most of the evenings I've just crawled under the cover and slept. You'r RSM will try to get back in the game again, I haven't forgotten you! Thanks, Bro, for being there!

Yours with the touch of non-swine-flu,
Hanri, Regimental Sergeant Major II
The Python Army HeadQuarters

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mrsCutout: Welcome back Hanri we've missed you! it's realy silly to apologise i hope you know that!And if it makes you feel better I am sick too..not the swine flu just some fever and a terrible headache :(

Hanri at 12:06 pm November 20

Oh I'm sorry to hear you're sick too. :/ No fun. Other than staying home that is. But there's no fun staying home in a fever since you don't have energy to do anything but sleep. Hope you get well soon!

mrsCutout at 1:16 pm November 20

Yeah i do hope the same for you!I don't even have the energy to sleep haha!

Lady April: Hulloooo dear and how was your festive event??? Hope you feel better hun ;-)

Hanri at 11:36 am November 20

Imagine 10 000 kids and hundreds and hundreds of bottles of disinfectant... And STILL I got the flu! lol

The temperature is finally down, in fact the thermometer is showing less than a normal body temperature should be.. Hmm. Should I trust it? Go wonder.

Lady April at 11:38 am November 20

hmmm, it could be possible that the thermo is correct. Your body is adjusting. Give it time ;-) Get well *hugzzz*

Hanri at 12:04 pm November 20

I just wish I could get rid of this head ache... And I wouldn't mind having an appetite. ;) Oh well, tomorrow's a new day.


Stop that, RSMHanri! You don't need to apologise, it's silly...
You do need, aftre all that stress, to relax, ok?

Johnnyrose at 1:18 am November 19

oh... you need to clic on the immage (aniateg gif don't work?)... and a coffee...

Hanri at 12:22 am November 20

Oooh, I'd love some of that.... The non-swine-flu has developed into a HOPEFULLY-non-swine-flu, I suddenly got temperature, and the fever keeps going a rollercoaster ride. Feeling like a real zombie. Painkillers, anyone? I have a bunch.

CamelSpotter: No apology necessary - sounds like "busy" is an understatement. How was the festival?

It's good to have you back, and I hope you're feeling better soon.

Hanri at 12:31 am November 20

The festival was fun. I finally have learned how to mingle amongst the other youth workers around there, probably because so many of them are my old work or school mates, so wherever I went I found someone I know. Which is just great, 'cause I get bored very fast if I'm left alone in such places.

Now if I'd just find a way to entertain myself, since with the constant head ache you can watch only a certain amount of dvd's and such.