Behind The Scenes - Python's Recording Graham Chapman Proyect

Photography taken during recordings for 'A liar's Autobiography' by Paul Jeffers.
Also you can found more information on Facebook: "Project Chapman 3D" or the website:

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A. Lupin: 8D Oh my goodness! This is awesome, thank you!

Paute at 11:47 am July 24

You're welcome!!

nope_ive_been_shopping at 2:12 pm July 24

This is genius!

mrsCutout: Wow!Thanks for sharing this!!!!

Paute at 7:37 am July 19

Look the website! Has a link to join the proyect!!

mrsCutout at 7:08 am July 24

Ah yes! i just saw this!!Thanks!

Paute at 11:48 am July 24

Yeah!! we can be "Python producers"

Lvndr HppE: Say, is John apart of this project? I don't see him in the pictures.

Paute at 10:34 pm July 18

I think the only "out" of this project is Eric. I love the looming cutout.