behind the tree

image credits are listed on the image - BUT! for the image of the Romans for the picture of Brian/Graham Chapman for the beautiful wall picture.

*I do apologize for the poor cutting job on John, Mike and Graham ... This be my first Brian Sighting. enjoy (:

And just for future references, I think, on a good day, I could hit that tree - the one with the moss on it - four out of five times. And I've done that most days except for today because I was busy but that isn't the point! Okay, maybe seven out of ten times I could hit that tree with the moss ...

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thewastelandr: Great job!!

arkennedy: You don't have to apologize for the cutting job on John, Mike and Graham. You did a great job on this image :)

Paute: Jajaja! Is amazing! Great job! Good for "Bwian"!

mrsCutout: haha nice one! I love graham's naughty expression!

A. Lupin at 2:00 pm April 24

thank you!

TheSister91: :D lovely Brian Sighting!!!

Lvndr HppE: I love that Graham is in the picture twice. :-P

A. Lupin at 1:59 pm April 24

he's just so special like that, you know?

Lvndr HppE at 2:26 pm April 24

Oh, definately!