The Big Monty Python Reunion at the O2 - Who's Coming?

I've got 4 tickets (for the 03rd, 15th, 16th & the 20th of July shows). Who else is coming?

I've also got an extra ticket for the final gig (the 20th of July), it was meant for a friend of mine but sadly she can't make it, and the girl who promised to buy it from me... changed her mind.

I'd like to flog this extra ticket for the Monty Python Live show at the O2, so, anyone who wants to take part in the madness of the closing night (20th of July, 2014), let me know. I've just listed it on StubHub, I want to ask for the face value (£86.26), but on StubHub they'll sell it for £112.14. I can cancel the advert from their listing any time (at least this is what they wrote on the StubHub page), so, if you're interested, please contact me! Or if you know anyone who's interested. It's upper level, close to the moon, but according to Eric Idle, there are huge screens & all, and everybody will see everything.

PS: The ticket is NOT in my hand yet, I will NOT receive it before the 16th of July.

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gamuzajoe: I've got an extra ticket too for Saturday 5th show. Platinum, ground floor, row Q. £165 (face value). PM for details.