The Biggest Monty Python Fans in the World

It's time we stood up and were counted - let's get listed!

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the_thina: very honored that I made it too the list without even knowing it! :D
who is it whos making this?
but I would say, or rather sing "lie down and be counted"

Holly: I love this! I sent my name in too, I hope they use more then one name for America, there are just too many of us. Maybe they could go by state :)

thewhoserpython: Yay they put me up! I'm under the United Kingdom, my real name is Becky Freeman! Wow, I feel quite proud *tear in the eye* But I surely can't be the biggest Python fan in the UK but for now I am so I'm happy with that :)

mrsCutout: wow brilliant! I would like to represenattive of my own counry Greece! I can say for sure I am their biggast fan here! No one else in this site i think is from greece plus I have as much as anyone can buy in this country from monty python! :)

thewastelandr: Awesome!!!

kisch: Thank you for including me there, John:) Probably, I *am* indeed the biggest Python fan in my country.


sit-on-my-face: Could you put Quebec as a country? We are not, but tried twice!

Paute: Great idea!! Oh! I´m there!!! Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Lvndr HppE: I'd be happy to represent my country. (Unless there are any objections. Anyone who thinks they're a bigger fan than I am?)

Johnnyrose: Must get in!! :0)