Biggles goes to see Bruce Springsteen

This is from 1979 Secret Policeman's Ball, featuring Michael and John. Very funny, especially the little exchanges between the two of them...

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mrsCutout: Thank you for sharing kisch!!!! Long ago when i didn't know how to register i had seen this hot dog thingy and made want to register even more!!!!!!!! Hahaha eventually i found the way yeahhh!

Lady April at 12:17 pm November 07

Actually our lovely little housepet posted this for us!!!
Yes, the "hotdog" experience was something else... he he ;-P

kisch at 1:03 pm November 07

Yes, it wasn't me who posted that.
But thank you anyway, LOL.

mrsCutout at 3:16 pm November 07

Oh i'm soooooo sorry housepet!!I was thinking your name but meanwile i was staring to this wonderfull picture of kisch with mikey and got confused!!!!!! LOL!!

housepet1 at 3:26 pm November 07

That's okay :-) I wish I knew how to upload a picture into my profile so it would have Mikey's lovely face instead of the blue screen of death...

mrsCutout at 4:04 pm November 07

i think you go to my profile and then chose a picture next to that blue screen!

housepet1 at 4:20 pm November 07

Got it! Thanks luv! Even though it's Terry's face and not Michael's for now...

mrsCutout at 4:33 pm November 07

That's ok! Cool pic!!!!

Lady April at 1:19 pm November 07

Hiya Kischy hun!!!! *waves to St. Petes*

kisch at 1:24 pm November 07

Heeey ! *waves back to Seattle*

Lady April at 1:25 pm November 07

*throws Mike at Kate*

kisch at 1:45 pm November 07

*Kate gets silent for at least a week*

Lady April at 1:46 pm November 07

LMFAO!!!!!! yea right......

housepet1 at 1:49 pm November 07

Hello to both of you from Florida! :-)

Lady April at 1:49 pm November 07

*pets the pet* I would gladly throw a Mike at you except Kischy has 'im at this time...

housepet1 at 1:51 pm November 07

That's okay... I'll wait. She can have him as long as she is being a god girl! :-D

Lady April at 2:04 pm November 07

she did say a week???? Don't exhaust him Kischy! Leave some for us ;-P

kisch: That makes me giggle a LOT:-)))))
BUT ! In his Diaries he mentions that he wrote a piece called "Biggles and the Groupies" which pleased him enormously. Now THAT is something I would love to read. But I think probably it's ... erm... not for publication LOL

Lady April at 11:18 am November 05

Probably based on personal experiences ;-P

kisch at 11:24 am November 05

Naaaaah, don't think so. He's such a faithful man, our Michael.
Oh well. Let's not go there.

housepet1 at 11:28 am November 05

Yes, he is, and I think THAT's what makes him even sexier!

housepet1 at 11:18 am November 05

Even though he is a nice bloke, Michael has a dirty mind underneath it all :-) I'd LOVE to read that piece! ha ha ha ha

kisch at 11:20 am November 05

He does have a dirty mind. Not in the bad sense of this word, thol.
It makes him even more attractive innit...

Oh God. Don't mention hot dogs, alright ? LOLOLOLOL

Lady April at 11:22 am November 05

HOT DOGS???? What? Oh no - don't go there.....

She went there............ shit!

housepet1 at 11:24 am November 05

What's all this about hot dogs? Did I miss something?

Lady April at 11:49 am November 05

Yes, yes you did :-P over a year ago!!!! A thread that got deleted caue yes, I took it there!!!!

housepet1 at 12:20 pm November 05

Tell me more!! Don't leave me just salivating here, it's not healthy.

Lady April at 12:26 pm November 05

Someone innocently began a thread called "Hot Dogs" and it was about well... hot dogs! I turned it into a Mikey situation and hot-dog became something well... completely different and it got very dirty and well... it was just not there one day!

housepet1 at 6:14 am November 06

Hot dogs, eh? Do you find it.... wisible.....when I mention .... hot dogz????

Lady April at 9:15 am November 06

Ok DOOD! I just fell off the couch laughing, I sooo did not expect that response - good, very good!

housepet1 at 10:29 am November 06

:-) So, I guess you do! :-D

Lady April at 10:30 am November 06

Oh yes, I REALLY do!

housepet1: Yeah, it WAS from 1989 *shakes fist at YouTube* "It goes back a long way. Well not that long, about halfway"... Oh, to be the fly on the wall...

Lady April at 11:07 am November 05

If I was the fly I wouldn't be on the wall while he is sleeping, I'd be on him :-) yum yum!

housepet1 at 11:13 am November 05

A very good observation April. I can imagine you doing all kinds of naughty stuff to poor Michael while he sleeps :-D

kisch at 11:18 am November 05

"I can imagine you doing all kinds of naughty stuff to poor Michael while he sleeps :-D"

I can't even IMAGINE this... LOLOLOLOL
I'm in a rather playfool mood tonite, dunno why LOL

Lady April at 11:18 am November 05

Who meeeee??????? Naaaawwwwwwwwwwww, not me!

Lady April: Very silly! I just adore that man! Love it soooo much although this is 1989 from the Policemans Biggest Ball.
Thanks for posting pet *kiss kiss*