The Biggles's Project is ALIVE!

Hello! This is an official invitation so you are kindly pleased to reply.

I'm gathering POLine members for a memorial project called "RSM BIGGLES J.T.R" (Just To Remember). The project wants to involve as many members as possible to collaborate and create something to remember our beloved Andrew Shufford. There are absolutely no limits on creativity, time and numer of participants.
The project mainly consists in: a song, a B-Side song, a mash, and a video clip (not confirmed yet). The songs are "Waiting for you" (a new version) and "Hear my voice".
Generally, the project needs: music players (no matter of what instrument, there's enough space for all!), singers (even those very out of tune!), drawers/painters (or skilled photoshoppers), mashers (of all kinds).
If you feel like you don't have any of these qualifications, you can still take part: we need as well video shootings and pictures not taken from the web in order not to violate copyrights laws and in order to create a 100% POLine members's product!
As you take part of the project, you'll receive a collaboration contract (first I need a producer and to check out some details!!) to protect your material from future plagiarisms. Once in, you can leave the project if you fell unsatisfied or misplaced by compiling the resignation letter (you'll get it with the contract).
So, if you want to join this project, please reply to this message and you'll be contacted as soon as possible.
You are invited as well to spread the news to new members on, but also to old members that I may not know. here is my e-mail address for newbies and oldbies:
E-mails are quite essencials, so make sure to check them very often.
For further information (both before and after joining), contact me sending a private message, video conference on skype by adding valeria.manovella91, or adding me on facebook (Valeria Manovella) or contact RSM II Hanri.
Thanks for reading.
Bunches of hugs at everybody!!

ps: those who received the private message on facebook can also reply in here.

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the_thina: oh, I got an email about this on facebook.
and I have to say I cant attend because of 3 reasons:
1) not much spare time at the moment, or rather, I have spare time but so much going on I cant really relax
2) my computor is acting up on me
3) I dont know what I could do for the project.

anyway, good luck. I never knew the guy personally, that was before my time in here, but since so many seem to love him a lot Im sure he was a swell guy

TheSister91 at 10:41 am August 11

my dear,
1) it's not a job! it's something you can do whenever you have the time.
2) even my pc is not acting well especially those programs I need to use the most are driving me crazy
3) there's so much to do for the project that I suppose anyone has an idea of how much it is.

anyway, if you change your mind or just wanna know more, you know how to contact me.