Birds Eye Frozen Peas - Funny stuff

I tried to find if this had been posted on P-Line and found nothing so here it is!
Monty Pythons Birds Eye Frozen Peas!!! :P Mikey is soooo cute :D

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

This is awesome!

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Lady April:

Here is the Close-Up toothpaste commercial they did. Michael is hilareous!

Lady April: This blog is actually old but I has to repost cause the links were broken.... all the better to show to new P-liners anyway. It is great to have access to the commercials they did!

mrsCutout at 8:23 am October 27

Yes that's true!!They make those commercials great!

Lady April at 8:38 am October 27

They did them reluctantly, especially John, but hey during Circus they needed the cash for sure. There is also a hairspray commercial they did, I wonder if it is on the tuber?

mrsCutout at 8:47 am October 27

You mean thi one? or not? i found it on youtube Monty Python - Harmony Hairspray

Lady April at 8:53 am October 27

Yes that is it!!! Thanky!!!

mrsCutout at 9:03 am October 27

Nothing at all! I thought that was a sketch in the beginning but then i figured everything out!hehe!!

mrsCutout at 8:49 am October 27

here's another one

mrsCutout: It's great!!haha

mrsCutout: Oh my God!Just yesterday i saw the video on utube and i was thinking to post it because i had never heard of this But you beat me!Thanks for sharing still!!!!

Lady April:

Here are the links again.... part one....

Lady April:

Here are the links again.... part two.....

Lady April:

Here are the links again.... Part three....

Lady April: These links didn't transfer over :-( "Birds Eye Frozen Peas weren't the only xtra-Python films in here and that toothpaste commercial and one or two others.

arkennedy: ... close-up toothpaste videos) thanks for posting the videos.

Here's another one:

Harmony Hairspray

Lady April at 8:07 pm February 05

Sweet! That film really went to hell then didn't it :( With that one I can see why it was uncomfortable(to say the least) to make.


dinosaursarenomore: i just saw it again, and jizes this is SO FUNNY!:D
mmm mikey looks *dare i say it* YUM!

"in a hammock, standing up.."
Oh, mister Belpit, your legs are so swollen..!

Lady April at 7:40 pm February 03

He is a hot little number indeed oh my!


DoryPython: It was silly as a Python stuff should be :)

Maybe I'm an idiot, but not a fool.

Lady April: I have never seen it before this, never heard of it, no clue when it was done. Anyone else?
Funny as Hell though :D I just know that it is not from Circus.

thegranny: you!!!
I didnt see this! I must be senile....

"The Chair: It helps you sit down, higher up".

dinosaursarenomore: when is this from??
"Wenn ist das Nunstr├╝ck git und Slotermeyer? Ja! .. Beiherhund das Oder die Flipperwaldt gersput!"

Lady April at 6:14 pm February 01

I wish I knew when it was from. Bugging me.


jeremytoogood at 8:38 pm February 04

believe it or not, for frozen pea salesmen. Once upon a time, our boys were struggling to make ends meet, and they thought, how can we make some extra money? Voila, corporate Britain came to the rescue and said, make us a training film-we gotta sell more frozen peas! Obviously they gave the boys free reign, and they came up with a zany madcap training film to encourage the sales force to get out there and sell those *new* and *improved* frozen peas. Some of you may have also seen a zany training film they did for toothpaste, much along the same lines as the frozen peas. This film has gotta be 1970 or 1971-I think after that time they were doing Holy Grail stuff and never again had to make films to shill corporate crap. Ooops, forgot about the commercials some of them made-ah well, a man's gotta eat.

Lady April at 8:49 pm February 04

What was that toothpaste commercial they did where Michael was a bum that kept getting kicked out of stores until he brushed his teeth?? Suddenly he turns into a well-cleaned-up, sharply dressed salesman and for the life of him cannot sell the stuff. I dunno. You know what I am talking about?


jeremytoogood at 9:06 pm February 04

I remember him getting kicked out of the store as the bum-I winced cause it looks like he really landed hard on his bum. He was always throwing himself around when he was younger-I always note the "Uppper Class Twits" sketch because Eric right at the end trips a bit after he shoots himself so as not to land square on Michael's back-that would have knocked the wind right outta him.

Timmy at 9:22 pm February 04

Sorry if I'm pointing out the obvious!

Right, let's have a ding dong!

Lady April at 10:19 pm February 04

although that is definately what I was talking about! Awesome, Thanks Timmeh, you've rung me bell!


Timmy at 9:58 pm February 05

Redmond, WA (Reuters) Bill "Tubby" Gates unveils the new Microhard soil-whacking tool. Gates expects serfs to gain freedom from repression thanks to this new tool, which will allow them to smite lords with painful accuracy.

Right, let's have a ding dong!

Lady April at 7:29 am February 06

Thought you'd appreciate that :D