bonzo dog doo dah band/vivian stanshall

since I cant post pictures in the orginal bonzo-tread by laura and I found these very awsome in the deepest corners of my old pc I make a new tread for these gloruious pictures I cant remember that Ive ever seen in here before.
neil in the first pic got me all girly. wwwah, such a beautiful man.
and the one where he has a dress made me smile.
and the one with viv and the mice (or is it shaving-cream that just looks like small fluffy mice?)... wonderful!

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thewastelandr: Aww! I love the 3rd down photo!

the_thina at 3:49 pm May 14

3d down? you mean 3d from bottom or 3d from top?
no matter witch my ment they are all great, just a shame the quality is so crappy on some of them

thewastelandr at 9:17 pm May 14

Third from the top.

the_thina at 3:44 am May 15

ok. yep thats a good one. :)

sit-on-my-face: Thank you!!!!

the_thina at 2:18 pm May 14

no problem. :) they are so lovely boys

sit-on-my-face at 5:26 pm May 14

"oh don't I know it love" I wish we could still do that today. I will. I'll make an "acid-reenactment theatre troup".

the_thina at 3:45 am May 15

no I dont get what youre on about

thewastelandr at 11:32 am May 15

We're all mad here. ;)

the_thina at 2:09 pm May 15

haha. yeah, think I fell down a rabit-hole

thewastelandr at 2:33 pm May 15


the_thina at 3:45 am May 15