the book came today, I think its a rare thing too

everyone keeps posting on the thread where I told them I was gonna get this, even AFTER I posted this one people keep posting in the old one. *sigh*
is this post invisible or something?

the yellowbeard-book! its more in the shape of a commic-book, like asterix or something, but insida its a propper book with chapters and dialouge and som on.
and lots and lots and lots of pictures I just want to rip out and put on my wall, but I wont.
I have taken pictures of it, so just lets see how many pics pythonline lets me put up today shall we?

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Paute: looks pretty awesome. where you bought it? amazon?

Paute: looks pretty awesome. where you bought it? amazon?

margaretthatcher: does anyone know if they ever came out with the sequel entitled "blond heiress"? it could be that i just made it up, but it is about yellowbeard's daughter, who is a prostitute, you know, as she is his daughter, and a pirate's daughter can not be above the queen, let's just say, so she is, and she has these "johns" which is what we call the clients of the prostitutes, here in the US of A, and they come out of her boudair, looking askance, let's just say, more than one, and then we have the stone blood killer type, who is completely stone faced about her too. it could be very funny, when they f* her, and they do, and they have to stand up, because she can not sit, and also, she is the mother of a child (born by ceasarian, you know why) and they make her the queen after that. there are other gags, let's just say, a scene with her in the daughter's room, doing her hair, in secret, lest they all find out how she does it, and then also, the room is dark, so you can't really see anything, but you can hear her brushing, and brushing. then, there is the bit about the whore and soliciting her johns, we'll call them, and they all go bonkers, we say in the states, as she promises that she will be right back, and goes to speak to her pimps, you know, and then everybody lightens up when she comes back in and goes, you know, i have to do my hair first, why don't you come back in an hour or so, if you are really interested, and they all know why really, it is to get the cum out of her hair from the last client. there, take that great britain, for ruining our sacred holiday here int eh USA for EASTER by showing us what was perhaps the funniest thing ever seen on the sliver screen about hair or the legacy of yellowbeard, if you prefer to take it that way, which could be about the soup he ate at lunch, or the way he always uses the lemon in his water, you know. okay, i'll say it, if noone else will. the f* ing curry he eats at lunch everyday, if you all want to know why i am not with my boyfriend this minute. and yes, he knows of this and told everyone, who told everyone, and that is why our holidays here in the states were ruined and you all had to be put on red alert for maurauders (spelling) coming over to GB to loot and run havoc around the london bridge and big ben and such. good day and best with that sequel of the funny prostitute who takes her time, combing her hair up top. good bye to you all.
maggie thatcher

margaretthatcher: we should have a duel as myself up against yellow beard. that sounds like a fair match, me, up against an ex-prime minister who is now dead. sorry if you don't like politics, as i do. you can't get there from here, though. ta ta.

honeyvaccine_: My! This book looks really exciting. I can only imagine what the movie is like! Awesome post!!

Brian: That looks exciting, I want to watch it!

arkennedy: I still need to watch this. Thanks for sharing the photos :)

grahamfan: I wanted to see Yellowbeard again.

Here Comes Another One: I LOVE Yellowbeard. This book looks awesome, too! Cheers for sharing. :-)

thewastelandr: Awesome!!!! Looks amazing!

Colonel Daughter: forgot to say that I watched the movie the last night... And I laughed my *** off.

Not that late: I love all the pictures! Thanks for sharing.

Colonel Daughter: I swear it's the first time I see this book. O.O
Thank you for all the work at the scanner!!!

the_thina at 2:42 am October 13

yeah, same here. think I have had the luck of stumbeling on something quite rare.
and I have no scanner, the pictures are taken with a camera. :P

mrsCutout: Thina the book looks amazing! Congrats!!!! Thank you so much for posting it's exciting hahaha!

Lvndr HppE: Great pictures. Thanks for posting!

genji: So it's like a novelisation but with masses of massive pictures?

the_thina at 2:40 am October 13

kind of. I havent had time to read it yet (but I will as soon as Im setteld in the new appartment) but I think its kind of what it is