the book came today, I think its a rare thing too

everyone keeps posting on the thread where I told them I was gonna get this, even AFTER I posted this one people keep posting in the old one. *sigh*
is this post invisible or something?

the yellowbeard-book! its more in the shape of a commic-book, like asterix or something, but insida its a propper book with chapters and dialouge and som on.
and lots and lots and lots of pictures I just want to rip out and put on my wall, but I wont.
I have taken pictures of it, so just lets see how many pics pythonline lets me put up today shall we?

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Brian: That looks exciting, I want to watch it!

arkennedy: I still need to watch this. Thanks for sharing the photos :)

grahamfan: I wanted to see Yellowbeard again.

Here Comes Another One: I LOVE Yellowbeard. This book looks awesome, too! Cheers for sharing. :-)

thewastelandr: Awesome!!!! Looks amazing!

Colonel Daughter: forgot to say that I watched the movie the last night... And I laughed my *** off.

Not that late: I love all the pictures! Thanks for sharing.

Colonel Daughter: I swear it's the first time I see this book. O.O
Thank you for all the work at the scanner!!!

the_thina at 2:42 am October 13

yeah, same here. think I have had the luck of stumbeling on something quite rare.
and I have no scanner, the pictures are taken with a camera. :P

mrsCutout: Thina the book looks amazing! Congrats!!!! Thank you so much for posting it's exciting hahaha!

Lvndr HppE: Great pictures. Thanks for posting!

genji: So it's like a novelisation but with masses of massive pictures?

the_thina at 2:40 am October 13

kind of. I havent had time to read it yet (but I will as soon as Im setteld in the new appartment) but I think its kind of what it is