Bought this today whoop!

I've been looking for it in stores for ages and finally saw it today in a dvd rack at the grocery store lol.
Havent seen it yet, have any of you? was it good?

Okay peoples I saw it, it was pretty good. Loved seeing all the living Pythons (well almost all of them) and seeing Neil and Carol as well.

Those lead vocal people were really good.

And that "Betty" Palin strangely looks a lot like Michael ;/ Oh well Yeah I loved it, glad I spent time to look for it lol.

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kisch: You will see me there:))))
Congrats - you'll love it, really. Documentary is also a treasure.

Hanri at 12:19 pm September 20

I've been trying to find you there, Kisch, tell me what row where please pretty please!!! And I have it in bluray, so I should make out your face quite clear there, but I need to find you first.....

kisch at 8:55 am September 21

Here I am, Hanri, with letter i of Kisch standing on my head. It will be easy to see me in Bluray, I think! Oh dear, Hanri will se my stupid smiling face:)))

Hanri at 12:33 pm September 21

Hahahah, I will dig you from that bluray in no time...... Muhahahahaa! :)

mrsCutout: Aaahhhh! Lucky you! Congrats this is so exciting!!!!I envy you haha! I hope you enjoy it I bet it's awesom!
Btw love that shirt!

Johnnyrose: Good to see, sing, laugh and keep!! You'll love it... and MontyPythonrocks18, try to find me in there.

genji: It's good to see the Pythons come on stage and recite lines from the movie with all the gravitas they deserve (Mr. Gilliam's contribution was the highlight IMO), and the music is excellent. It's a great achievement for Mr. Idle and John Du Prez and the concept is hilarious but, for me at least, it wasn't really that funny in execution. Definitely worth a watch or two but don't expect to fall about laughing.