brand new john cleese interview! (+ almost new with jones)

last fall terry jones was on the swedish/norweigan talkshow skavlan, and last night it was johns turn.
just rememberd that you can see it online, and here is the link (but hurry, it will only be online for a few weeks or so)
havent seen it myself yet so dont know when he is on, but near the end of the show I would guess since he is so very famous.

and here is the one with jones from the same show:


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thewastelandr: Really interesting! They definitely get into deep issues - something American interviewers on talk shows don't do! Lovely. I'm glad John is happy! Oh and I loved the Fembot song... she is good!

the_thina at 4:12 pm April 22

yeah its a good show over all.
and the song... I like her voice, but her music is not my cup of tea. but her name is robyn if you wanna check her out on youtube

Lvndr HppE: It's very sweet to hear that he's in love at the age of 70.

the_thina at 12:07 pm April 22

yes I thought so to. first time I saw this I was sitting and wanted to scream so he heard me all the way over in oslo "no john, thats not sad, thats cute!"

Mrs Attila the Hun 93: Great interview! Thanks very much for the post!

But I've noticed that when watching this interview that John has a ring on his finger. Is he engaged/married or something?! I don't remember this!
There's gotta be some explanation...

the_thina at 12:06 pm April 22

well, he DID say that he has met a new woman, maybe they atre engaged. and you know, paipers dont usually write about the celebs that are happily in love with no frictions anywere, bacause that dont sell paipers. so we should be happy we havent heard about it yet. happy for him. and for his woman of course

upperclasstwit: I'm gonna get in my Pj's and watch this.. Can not wait!!

the_thina at 7:44 pm April 20

you do that. tell me what you think when you are done

upperclasstwit at 7:53 pm April 20

I think it looks interesting but can't understand a word of it!! There isn't a link to get some english substitles?

the_thina at 7:57 pm April 20

no it isent. but on johns bit they speak english, so that should be no problem

the_thina at 7:57 pm April 20

no THERE isent I ment

flopsy_mrs: watchign the john cleese one right now :) thanks for the link :) ur awsome

flopsy_mrs at 10:49 am April 19

do they clap all the time ??? yes that is why they are here . oh i c * stands up * and they clap xd

the_thina at 11:23 am April 19

hahaha. well, thats what I say, us scandinaians are so well brought up so we never even dare to be rude to anyone without getting a fit of shame and feel like we should be killed.
quite a lot like how johns describes the britts in wanda...

flopsy_mrs at 10:43 am April 20

lol well that is also exactly how i would discribe the majorety of belgians xd lol

the_thina at 10:57 am April 20

hmmm. maybe most europeans are like that haha

Lvndr HppE at 11:56 am April 20

New Yorkers are definately not like that.

the_thina at 12:19 pm April 20

dont know if I even know anyone from NY. but I do know some americans and they are nice, but then again, I dont take time getting to know pepole who arent nice. haha

Lvndr HppE at 1:35 pm April 20

Nah, New Yorkers are pretty rude. I'd forgotten until I spent 21 hours in Massachusetts. People in other states are a lot nicer than people from New York. At least, the city. I cant quite say what people from other parts of the state are like. But after coming back, I was walking by a guy who was smoking, and I was clearing the smoke from my face. He noticed, so I said "Sorry, I just don't like cigarrette smoke". He told me that I was in the wrong city then. Rude!

thewastelandr at 7:21 pm April 20

Hahaha... you think Bostonians are nicer than people from NYC? I've heard that too, but people here can be SO rude. Mostly it's when there is cold weather though. When the sun is out, people are much more tolerant!

sit-on-my-face: hmm. I love this man. And I do want him to live longer than anyone!!!

the_thina at 12:01 pm April 18

one dead python is one too many. I want them all to live... maybe not forever because that seems like a curse, but longer than me anyway. but john has a pretty good chanse for a long life I think, his mother died on her 101st birthday if I remember correctly.

Paute: I can´t see this videos.
Thank you Thina! I like the show.

the_thina at 12:02 pm April 18

why cant you see them?

Paute at 12:31 pm April 18

No no. I see the videos today and next other videos of the same program.
But just in english (interviews).
I saw some videos of the program in Norwegian. Obviously I understood nothing.

the_thina at 12:53 pm April 18

haha ok. well, its mostly talked swedish and norweigan in the show. most guests are swedish, the host is norweigan and it air in both contreys. the anguages is pretty similar so I can understand if it al sounds like the same language for someone who dont understands the languages though. but if you click on link nr 1 here and listen just to the melodies of the host and his first guest for example you should hear a little difference. the norweigans always sound like they are a bit supriced. haha

Paute at 2:11 pm April 18

Jajaja ok. I try ear and listen the differences. A few weeks more and i add Norwegian and swedish to my CV.

the_thina at 2:50 pm April 18

haha. goodie. :P

the_thina at 2:51 pm April 18

I am sure that will give you LOTS of jobs

kisch: This is absolutely fantastic, Thina!!! Thanks so much for looking it up for us!
John is so... SOOOOO.... I don't know how to describe him, really.

the_thina at 8:54 am April 18

no problem at all. :) it was a fun one, wasent it. the ending got me auging like hell. first the
insults the show and then...
- what did you say?
- that was norweigan
- oh, sorry

mrsCutout: oh this is terrific! I'd love to watch it even if i do not speak Swedish!

the_thina at 3:47 pm April 17

hahaha, but its ok, they both speak english in the interviews.XD exept for terry who says "I love you little girl" in swedish. XD

Kasmira: I'd want to watch John Cleese's interview on Skavlan... Let's hope someone will put it on Youtube. At least it works some day, when I speak to it nicely... I found a little part of John on Skavlan from Youtube and it's funny part, John tried to speak Swedish :D

the_thina at 3:19 pm April 17

but its the link to that whole show I posted here, so its just to watch.:)
haha, yeah, and he did a pretty good swedish accent too. it wasent swedish, but its like that many swedes sound when they try to speak english. XD

Kasmira at 3:31 pm April 17

I know but it doesn't work, because my laptop is shit hole number 1. Next time I buy a computer I take my dear nerd friend with me.
Haha, couldn't understand a word he was saying but someone had written a comment with the lines he said and then it made sense. :P Don't understand Swedish accent well. I hear everyday Swedish but it is different by spoken Finnish people who speak Swedish as their home language... Oh sorry, my explanation sucks but hope you get what I mean. Haven't written English for a while.

the_thina at 3:48 pm April 17

hahaha, but the host isent swedish, he is norweigan. XD

Kasmira at 7:36 am April 18

It sounds all the same to me ;)