Brian Sightings No. 373 in a series of repeats

I'm not a Blairite, bro', and I never will be. I'm a kike, a yid, a hook-nose, a heebie, I'm kosher, bro'. I'm a red sea pedestrian, and I'm proud of it.

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mrsCutout: Hahahaha! So funny!

Mrs Attila the Hun 93: Bwahahaha!! Brian looks absolutely terrified of David :D

genji at 1:19 pm October 05

Not to mention the robots behind him.

Hanri: Genji, was this the one you meant? This is PYTHONLINE, how is it offensive? ;)

genji at 10:26 pm September 28

I'm not sure the Milibands would be amused but then perhaps they're not Python fans.

mrsCutout: Hahahaa that's a good one! He's brian and so is his wife!