Calender 2012!

Hey people,
Here it is! My flying calendar!! Well actually it does not really fly, but whatever!
It's created by my humble self and I want to thank all of you for posting tons of those smashing pictures on this site! I really used a lot of them, especially for SEPTEMBER :D (I really love these cutouts!)

So much for that!
Happy new year and a lot of SPAM for 2012!!! :P

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Pantomime horse: Wohoww, that's what I call an awesome calender!! :D

Paute: I want it!!! You have a link to download?

PhilosopherBruce-Mrs at 12:09 pm January 03

Happy you like it! I'm sorry, but I did it on a special site so it's an single product and the only exemplar is hangin on my wall. :(

Johnnyrose: Awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GloriaTheWarrior: Wow It looks terrific! It's better than my cat calender.... A-HA-ha-hA ...:)