Cambridge Footlights Revue from 1982 ( 1 of 5)

The Stephen Fry Hugh Lawrie Emma Thompson Tony Slattery etc etc et all years

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mrsCutout: WOah! Great post!

Here Comes Another One: I adore this. Especially 'Shakespeare Masterclass' and 'The Letter.'

madasawetsporran at 2:30 pm March 02

Stephen now says in his 2nd autobiograhy that I'm almost finished reading he feels it was rather amateurish & poor almost cringeworthy but like you I disagree!

Here Comes Another One at 4:16 am March 07

Hmm - he shouldn't be as self-deprecating as all that. If I'm being hyper-critical, it's not as polished as some of his later stuff; I think doing double-takes at what he was reading was a mistake, and it detracts from the overall humour - but it's still probably my favourite thing of his, or at least it's in the top 5. :-)

Lvndr HppE at 7:03 pm March 03

The Letter is a complete classic and a fan favorite! Some of the sketches were pretty good. I wasn't very fond or saw the humor in the song about white supremacy. I get that it was supposed to be in jest, but it's hard when it's song by white people.

Lvndr HppE at 7:04 pm March 03

Maybe if it was sung by people who were clearly of another nationality or if something were to go wrong with the song? And that song about the guy who was going to shoot someone famous someday. Kinda disturbing. I heard he later went into a great depression.

madasawetsporran at 4:11 pm March 27

Stephen Fry is out & proud of not only his sexuality but also a fully paid up member of the Bipolar or Manic Depression club he has made a couple of documentaries about it. He says he would be bereft if he took pills & became "normal" he enjoys his manic phases too much & accepts the downs that inevetally follow as the price to pay for all his fun!

madasawetsporran at 4:27 pm March 27

madasawetsporran at 9:00 pm March 03

it was more acceptable back then & wasn't a sliht against those of deffering ethnic backrounds rather tounge in cheek & British Irony at it's most sharp

madasawetsporran at 9:00 pm March 03

typo *slight