For Camelspotter

Sorry it's late but Happy Pythonlinaversay anyway :)

P.S. please click on the image to see the effect

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WackyQueen: Love it! :D

CamelSpotter: Thank you so much arkennedy! Love the photos and effects, as always. :)

the_thina: Ive got a birthday comming up and cant wait to see if I get cool stuff in here then. normally I dont like my birthday, but this year I cant wait.

CamelSpotter at 10:12 pm November 22

You can count on PythOnliners!

Don't forget this thread:

the_thina at 10:22 pm November 22

yep, python-fans, especially the ones in here, has proven over and over to me to e the nicest pepole on the internet. :D
Im allready in that one. :) but thanks anyway.

arkennedy at 10:14 pm November 22

I've been trying to find that thread. Thanks for posting the link :)