can anyone help? python-related (I think) song stuck in my mind. :(>½JHYIK

have some song I cant identify stuck in my brain. just the melody and some diffuse words now and again. very annoying and I cant figure out what song it is! gah!
well the chours goes either "love is a blabla-piano" or "life is a blabla-piano". for some reason I make it into something python-related, but it can just as well be something else. beatles or something. heard a tune in a commercial that reminded me of it, and have been wondering ever since....
(the blabla-bit is not blabla, just some word I dont remember)
and dont have the energy to search through all my python-related stuff to find a song and maybe dont find it at all, then I would just get MORE annoyed.
this is driving me crazy! wish I could hum you the melody, but I cant so, you have to try and work with this

puts in random pic so as many as possible will see this.

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arkennedy: I was about to answer this question when I noticed it was already answered. So instead I'll post a link to the video I found: of The Bonzo Doo Dah Band preforming the song on DNAYS. Enjoy.

the_thina at 9:14 pm July 02

yes, I looked it up as soon as zoot sayed it, and I have it on dvd as well, but thanks anyway. :) they are sooo cute! I love viv and roger! (and neil, of course, but he isent there, bute beeing replaced by ewic isent half bad)
very cute little song as well, just not one of my big bonzo-favourites, therefor it escaped my mind

Lvndr HppE at 11:15 am July 05

I like any song Eric sings.

Lvndr HppE: I like this picture. I think I'd like it better without Jaime Lee Curtis in the middle.

Zoot just Zoot: Maybe you mean "Cylindrical Piano" from DNAYS?)))))

the_thina at 3:15 pm July 02

YES! THANK YOU! I knew it had something to do with python! :)

Zoot just Zoot at 3:59 pm July 02

here you are!)))) I don't know how,but I'd guessed in moment))))))

mrsCutout at 1:20 pm July 05

Apparently you saved thina from a lot of trouble haha what a guess!

the_thina at 11:00 pm July 05

haha, well, a lot of frustration anyway. ^^