Can someone please help me find these sketches? I'm desperate!

Oh can someone please help me out?! I'm looking for two sketches from Flying Circus that I love but I can't remember what they're called or even which series they're off except I know it isn't Series 4 cos John is in them.

The first one is the random bit at the end of a sketch where John and Michael are in bed together. It makes me laugh so much but I can't remember what episode it is on! Please help.

The other is a game show sketch with John and Michael again and Michael is like a Pepperpot and wins a city council and says he's already got one. I love this too and I feel utterly helpless not being able to find them. I've checked through the sketch lists on Just the Words and Wikipedia but can't find anything. Any of you guys know where they're from? If you do could you please let me know, I'd be forever grateful!


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Mrs Attila the Hun 93: The one where Mike is a pepperpot and wins the entire Norwich city council is from the Crackpot Religions sketch from the 11th episode of Season 2 (Called 'How Not To Be Seen').
I know this because it's one of my favourite eps :D

sit-on-my-face: the first one is in the grandstand episode.

Mrs Premise: The one of Mike and John in bed is from episode 39, 'tis near the end just before the dirty vicar sketch, I think it's called credits of the year XD

Mrs Premise at 1:37 pm February 17

Oh, and the city council one is series 2, ep 11 'how not to be seen', just after the crackpot religon bit

the Mike and john one is series 3 btw, ep 13 'grandstand'

Lvndr HppE at 9:11 pm February 19

John Cleese is last seen on MPFC in bed with Michael Palin.

kisch at 8:32 am February 21

This fact is weird%)
I must seriously think about it.

the_thina at 9:27 am February 21

it means that gray was right, john had the hots for mike. ^^

sit-on-my-face at 11:41 am February 21

It's the thing that brought them all together in the first place, remember ;)

the_thina at 4:22 pm February 21


the_thina: I know exactly what you are talking about, both of them, but cant remember their names either. all though I _think_ the one with john and mike in bed is after, or at least in the same episode as when they have the quiz-show with communist leaders. or maybe Im just confused. have only seen the whole FC from beginning to end 4 times.

the_thina at 1:19 pm February 17

I can however give you this pic

thewhoserpython at 1:45 am February 22

Thank you all very much for helping me! I am eternally grateful! I will get these sketches on my ipod as soon as I can and watch them when I get home! You're all wonderful people! :)